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In this day and age

What is privacy for?

Privacy is for doing things that you don't want people to know about. Things that you fear being judged for. Things you may literally fear for your life or well being over. Things that might undermine your social standing and rule you out to people that you want to be close to. Sometimes because you think you're protecting people from a gruesome truth of you, and sometimes because you're trying to get away with something.

So you can never be fully known by people around you.

Privacy is isolation, alienation, and is rooted in fear.

True transparency is liberation. Full exposure. Allowing yourself to be fully known. To allow people to be close to you, even if they won't let you close to them. You live out in the Sun, and radiate nothing but the truth of you, which allows the people who would love to be near you to actually see you. Not allowing bullying to force you into introversion, and not allowing yourself to be drawn to aggression towards any ignorance you might find drawn to you.

If you knew everything about your favorite celebrities, it would likely change how you felt about them. They might even lose a lot of their current fanbase. Some might even fall completely into being ruled out of stardom. If you knew everything about every given politician, odds are, the political landscape would be a very different place. The things that you realized about them would either draw you closer or push you farther away. Their followings would be genuine, and some would expand their reach as others lost their current grip.

Could you actually have a fully transparent president or prime minister without compromising national security? By converting data into parallels of intelligence reports, you could actually live report intelligence briefings that actually aided the military by providing a smoke screen for anything covert, and for anything by land, air, or sea, diverse scenario presentation could obstruct predictability and offer more a more flexible dynamic response for military operations, if the protocol was designed to promote this.

So... The short answer is, "Yes, you could have full transparency all the way up to the highest ranking positions in the world.". Today's world makes this immediately accessible. With a few simple arrangements, 24/7 broadcast of just about anyone is easily possible. And if it was someone who drew the attention of the public, it could actually generate revenue. If this happened within the political sphere, that money could actually be used in the government budget, which, if it became a full blown political platform, and actually drew audiences for local, state, and federal positions, could make a profound contribution to the reduction of taxes, and/or be a part of lessening to eliminating debt.

Just by staying informed about the politicians/leaders in your region.

Are there any politicians or leaders that would actually have the initiative to make themselves so available? Are there any celebrities truly willing to make themselves that well known? Is it safe, do you think? Is it any less safe than just being a politician or celebrity as it is today? Do you suppose that the demand for transparency is high enough to generate an interest in such a broadcast?

To me, I think I'd find it surprising if anyone presently seated in politics, or anyone presently gracing the premise of stardom, would actually go that far. The safety argument is possibly a little ironic, as cameras are a pretty typical deterrent for wrongdoing. So it might, statistically, eventually prove to be significantly safer. I'd imagine, though, that the allure, along with the demand, could spark into revolutionizing how we choose both celebrities and political leaders.

It might also be worth considering that eliminating privacy in your own life could actually make you safer. There's an app for that. There could also be the potential for a highly regulated government surveillance program designed to protect the innocent, for those who actually would actually volunteer into, what would, essentially, be a government protection program. Considering modern surveillance measures used to deter and detect threats to national security, all it would take would be some expansion on the programs already in place.

Privacy is really not as valuable as people make it out to be. I'd, personally, opt into a life with no privacy, whether I were in the public eye or not. Why? Because privacy feels like hiding who I am, and I want to be completely known by the people who know me. That's how you even become close to people. That's how you even find legitimate compatibility. That's how you make a real impact, instead of offering a false impression.

Full transparency. Ready. Available. And waiting for it's actual spark. All I can say past that is you can't get transparency from people that aren't fully transparent. Considering that full transparency is how you even develop a true take on the total reality of the situation, it's, seemingly, actually, really important to achieve full transparency sooner than later.

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