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Self Explanatory.
I know you're watching me.
Will you come for me at night?
Burn me in my bed?
Crucify my insides and churn me inside out?

Don't you think I see you?
For what you truly are?
Waiting are you?
Defining my life with your oversight

What of my brothers...(2)?
Those you rendered dead?
They saw what you are!
They saw you coming!
They shared your nightmare with the world.

And they died because of it.
Heroes in my book
For their good will to all men

What of me?
I am them. Good will too.
Forsaken am I?

The three musketeers
My brothers and I

I'm worth quite a fortune dead.
Extrajudicial curse
By the powers that be.

What of my love?
My broken heart bare
What has he done?
Or was it your doing, forced
Not to care?

I'm waiting. I see you.
My spirit is lit
I am close to you

Waiting. And you're taunting me, us.
Tyrants. Twisted, tyrants.
Callous. Blood-thirsty.
Undemocratic you, murderers.

We stand and stood tall
We never cowered
We spoke the truth, Time and again
To render others safe

And you murdered us. Nuisances.
And slandered us in death too.

"First they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then we win."

Your perversion I feel
Invasive. Intrusive. Down south.
Your hypocrisy will not outlive us.
You'll see.

We are the fallen Americans.
You set the stage, years ago....


We responded with heartfelt unwavering
For love of God, people and Country

We live on. To spite you?
No...in spite of you.

...You *will remember me, us.

Sylvia, Bobby (2) and little Bobby.


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