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Jan. 16th, 2022 sunnyJanelle_s_dairy.docx_html_30681716.png
to ensure the safety of my families and me, i woke up at 7:14 to do nucleic acid tests. it took me about half an hour to finish the whole process. compared with the one i did at PKU and the Human railway station, the nucleic test in Huangjiang Hospital was more strict and serious-minded, which made me almost vomit-- actually some sound of liquid agitation was made when the medicine staff poked my throat. after that, i went back home for breakfast made by my mom. i had to say i prefer sweet taste to sour one.

in the following day, my life was shared by house chores, lunch(feast costing me much time), movies(used for English listening practice), reading COMA, and enjoying videos on bilibili.

house chores, unwilling to mention it. tiring but worthwhile. who don't love being free?
as for lunch, well, it was wonderful since food tasted delicious while i did not need to dishes-- the responsibility of dirty dishes is one of my bothering in terms of going back home from school.

the movie was Flipped which i had watched long time ago. my memories of books and films are bad thus making reviewing vitally necessary for me. another reason to choose it to watch is our English pronunciation group select a clip from it to finish our final homework of dubbing a video. i love Julie very much and Bryce is extremely handsome!!!!!!!!!! i think the side plots of the story can be more complete and ample.

for the book, just wait and see my book report next semester.

in the next minute i am going to embrace my b-station. bye.

Jan.17th, 2022 cloudy

surprised at the fact that my parents allowed me to sleep till 9 a.m., i woke up and sent several messages on my Wechat talking about my getting up late. the breakfast cost my families 8 yuan but actually tasted worse than the 4-yuan one brought just near my house. still, the morning was occupied by house chores-- moving something upstairs and downstairs, washing food materials, and so on.

since i have fostered the habit that get at least one film "listened" every day, i chose The Shawshank Redemption to review-- same here. i was completely shocked and filled with admiration towards Andy's ability and wisdom and the depth of his mind. the taste of freedom, the glimmer of the hope, the power of knowledge, well, these are the very key words i can summarize from this movie.(the order has nothing to do with the degree of importance of them.)

when i was about to finish the movie, my younger female cousin visited me and jumped nearby by bed-- i was sitting on my bed. i invited her to enjoy with me though she was only 8, or she would pester me to play with her. i caught her attention by testing her whether she was able to read out the Chinese subtitles. during this small games, we ate shrimp crackers together which tastes really great. after that, we lied on bed playing some games by just simply using our bodies. lots of photos of her were taken and i spent great effort to restrain my impulsion to post them on my Moment.

at night, i ate a lot. i did a lot. oh, tired but happy.

it is a pity that i cannot hang out with nine of my friends wwwwwwwww.

i enjoyed the live streaming from wayv and the chatting with one of my friends in the university. after that, i just silently saw the chatting in the wechat group of xiaoyangdeyibantianxia, finding that i was not a person who is skilled at talking with other people, but it was happy enough to just be a onlooker. miss them very much.

Jan.20th, 2022, a little cold but sunny

Actually, today's diary will be a three-day diary since I was so addicted to playing the mobile phone on the past two days that I missed the time to write them. (However, soon when I commence with writing I find nothing could be recalled to write down)

I have seen the movie Catch Me If You Can today, and Forest Gump the day before yesterday. The two are so classic. I admire the perseverance and the single mind from Gump, and I have mercy on the loneliness of Frank-- whose experience made me cry. Leonardo is really handsome. Compared to the real story from which the movie CMIYC is adapted, the movie adds more elements of family bond, psychology of the adolescences, the relationship among people, more concrete, the trust between people, thus making the movie hit the chord of the audience more easily. By the way, I think I prefer American English to British English and the former one make me feel more comfortable and intimate.

Yesterday I firstly participated in the sport activity held by our faculty and not surprisedly found that my dancing has gone down. I wonder whether I should come back to the dance training class.

Last night, the medical staff came to my home and did an epidemiological survey, interestingly using the dialect. They asked me the question about when I came back and which high-speed rail I took and gave me a certificate proving that I was DANGEROUS ENOUGH TO BE A YELLOW CODE OWNER though I was not. Then they sent me to the hospital to do the nucleic acid testing by police car. It was a really different and fresh experience.

Oh, almost forget to mention that I had my hair cut, just long enough to tie up. I am quite satisfied with my new haircut now.

These days I am anxious because firstly I do nothing but play at home and secondly, I want to give

up the Challenge Cup but it is very difficult-- I am a leader to some extent because I got the team

together, whereas, in the November last year I planned to give up the project in the first place, but a classmate joined us and said she needed something 'scientific' in her first year giving me the hope like "well, just have a try." Now I am extremely confused about how to continue the project since I don't think me and other teammates have enough passion to go on due to different and complicated reasons and excuses. The only thought in my mind is, I don't want to waste any time on any meaningless thing-- it is also one of my weaknesses, I think. I intend to wait for several days and see how other members react. If some of them actually do nothing about the project, I will just dissolve the group. This kind of competitions are more welcome when we go into our second year.

Today, my 'monthly bleeding' must be approaching for I become so sensitive that I dropped my tears twice today. One for the movie, another for the sorrowful news on Weibo. I have the idea of listing all the things I would like to buy but temporarily not able to so that one day I can bring my dream back instead of getting them slipping away. Hence, that's the meaning of the following things: ukulele, um... see, I am really an oblivious guy!!!!!!!!!!

Jan.25th cloudy with drizzle

I am very sleepy now, not knowing the reason.

These days I am really busy. Mainly there are four things occupying my time.

Firstly, the voluntary activity of translating the traditional Chinese characters of the diaries of the biological scholar and botanist Zhong Guanguang into simplified Chinese. Interested in the traditional Chinese characters, I fully immersed myself in this job. During the translation, we learned a lot about Chinese, biology and Chinese culture.

Secondly, the courses held by the Students' Union in the name of cultivating talents. On one afternoon, the time of two classes conflicted, so I had to simultaneously use my computer and phone, using two ways of logging in the Tencent Meetings. Up to now, I haven't finished my course and assignment yet.

Thirdly, the new-year house cleaning. My families have cleaned up the kitchen, two bookshelves, three rooms and one staircase. I enjoyed cleaning with the music on the air. It would be more pleasant if I was allowed to sing out loud. My screen time on those cleaning days would be sharply reduced.

The last thing is the reading of COMA. The book is really nice. I wonder whether it is necessary \to make a record when I get some ideas of the book. The contents of the book greatly echo with medicine humanity and what Phillis said on class. Feminism, humanism, gender, ego, and so on. Now I have great respect for anesthesiologists.

Next week, I am going to focus on the Challenge Cup, the social practice, COMA and the listening.

Feb. 9th, 2022 sunny

Today is kk's birthday.

Last year, in our intensive reading class, a girl Dudu remarked: "Janelle and kk are all the same; they are both extroverted, confident, friendly and active." Then, Miss. Hu asked: "What's the difference between them?" Dudu answered: "emm, oh! One has boyfriend, the other doesn't." The whole class were thrown into the sea of laughing.

After I heard of the words, I thought about this question for quite a while. Honestly, we are so different. Although I couldn't figure out the motive of my extrovert, kk's motive must be consequence of the irrigation of love from her family. As far as I have observed, the connection and relation among her families are much stronger and closer and at least theses connections were built in an appropriate and reasonable way. Her father must know her daughter better than my father does to me. I know the level of knowledge and the age and experience must have deeply influenced the way a parent treats his/her children.

That's why I care about how a family atmosphere will affect the way that a child expresses itself and treats others. I always believe that the input and output are tightly and extremely relative--- for example, the famous photo that describes the body languages of a child in war area when a photographer just simply lifted up the camera.

That's why I told kk: "You are the one who saves my soul."

Feb. 11th

The D-day is approaching, but I still have three cases to finish. Although I really enjoy reading books and I really like the books, I found it difficult and protracted for me to finish the reading report, and I was looking for the excuses----I am cheeky!!!!!

Apart from the procrastination that I originally have, firstly I like to outline the whole report. This causes me two problems. For one thing, I am not willing to waste time on useless things-- but you know actually it is hard for people to distinguish what is useful and what is not until he\she really spends some time on it. Hence, I will spend lots of time to think about, to imagine different effects brought by different plans. For another, there is nothing entirely perfect in the world. I was stuck into the dilemma that the creativity, the freshness and the integrality can not be reached at the same time--- at least I am not on that level. If I choose a conventional way to show the book, to tell other people what I have learnt from it, I can make it extremely complete, but I think that's boring and easy to be drowned in the sea of works. However, when I try to do that in a creative way--- usually I will at one blow have a rather fresh idea of way to finish something the first sight I meet the task (for example: the mind map I've post on 10th or 9th), which makes me excited and passionate. Then, the problem comes: the fresh idea usually is immature and I have to spend lots of energy to ensure the final effect will be excellent. And if I use such a method, some other good points will be probably missed. Such a bad situation!

Secondly, I commence writing on the computer. Well, the language is always my problem. To follow my nature, we can stop right here in case I should be so tired to choose the words I use.


Journal Writing Task

The most important thing my teacher should know about me.

I definitely will talk something about my personality, because it is closely relative with my learning attitude which I reckon as the most important thing in studying.

Firstly, the teacher had better know that I am a girl with strong dignity. I extremely need their trust on my sincerity and perseverance towards study. sometimes they might not satisfy with my homework and if that is the case, I hope them can just simply point out my problems rationally and teach me the solutions instead of condemning me for my halfhearted attitude towards study. I prefer them directly telling me that I still have lots of space to improve my ability to ironically blaming me for imperfect. To guarantee that my attitude of study is decent, I will prove it in our daily communication including the eye contacts and verbal responses in class.

Secondly, I admit that I am those who need plenty of encouragement and I don't know the reason why. Maybe it is because when I was young in my family few encouragements were sent to me, thus the feeling of insecurity landing the seed in the bottom of my heart. Consequently, I will prefer the teachers who are tolerant and mild enough to take good care of my delicate heart.

Twenty minutes are so long that I cannot finish this task. Emmm I don't have too much to inform the teacher beforehand since I think every relationship need our hard work to work on it. After I encounter the teachers, maybe I have the responsibility to respect them and listen to them carefully.

That's all.

2022.3.9 2nd journal writing

When it comes to journal writing, today I got two main topics. The first one concerns music, more specifically, the Korean singer King taeyon. Every time I hear her voice, I feel my soul being healed. And I really want to learn her singing skills. Her biggest advantage is the great power of empathy. If the song is something positive, you definitely can throw away all the gloom you accumulate for the whole day. Whereas if the song is something about the sorrowful stories--- breaking up with boyfriends, divorce, and so on, you might feel you have divorced for many times. Just now I was listening to "Weekend", and her voice was so sweet that I cannot help swinging in front of the computer--- I was in the classroom, studying. Her tune is very high, especially for me, who is a low-tune singer. However, I can command the skills of quaking and something winding(I don't know the professional expression about this, and I am in the journal writing I cannot look up to the dictionary.) In that case, I will pretend to sing in her way and vibrate my sound, make best use of the muscle on my face, around my neck. It is really a wonderful experience. I have to say. Maybe one day I can accept professional courses to learn singing.

The other topic is about one of my friends. He is the leader of the organization of managing the accommodation of medical freshmen. I am the member in this organization. He is very interesting and he likes phoning me up when he wants to assign some jobs to me--- it is difficult not to think too much, for me, ok? I was wondering whether he treated other people as passionately as he said hello to me in the WeChat. Anyway, he now is one of my friends, not kind of best friends. To become my best friends, the other one has to have deep conversations with me so that we can know each other better. I know he hides something secrets about his ex- experience in the past and he mentioned it was a sad story, for which I didn't ask for more.

Ok, I decided to share the video, more exactly, the live songs in my earphone, on the Moment. It is too relaxing.

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