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Rated: 13+ · Novel · LGBTQ+ · #2269035
How is Noah supposed to kill HIM, when he happens to fall in love with him?
         "I have a job for you," Alex said without even looking at the assasin leaning against the wall. "I want you to kill the future king. Your price will be huge, you'll be the richest man alive."
          The assasin sighed, "I am not out for the money. However," He continued. "I will not lie about the fact that it's very tempting for me to agree to your offer." Noah did not mention that he has been trying to kill the future king for quite some time now. Unfortunaly, he hasn't succeeded yet. Noah felt his mask move as he spoke. Quickly, he pulled his mask good again. This mask is the only that has kept him alive all those years.
         The only thing that has hidden his identety.
         The only thing that has hidden him from the Royal Family.
         Alex let out a shaky breath. He was pretty aware who he stood in the same room with. He knows, that the assasin could kill him without any hesitation. He needed to be carefull with his words, or he'll be sliced in half just like one collega of him who dared to tell the assasin what he needed to do. "Just think of all the power you could have- or not!" He added quickly after the assasin glared at him, his right hand going towards his dagger.
         "Alex," The assasin tutted, "I assume you don't want the same fate as your ex-collega. Or am I mistaking?" he smirked under his mask. He loved scaring people like this. He loved their reaction.
         The way Alex got pale. The way his eyes got huge. The way he tried to say words, but proceeded to fail each time.

         Noah loved it.

         "Of course not, my assasin. I was just joking around. I- I can give you anything you want as price. Just say your price and you'll get it. You have my word."

         "Your word means nothing. I am not stupid Alexander MClean, I have seen how you fooled people. How you acted that you cared about them and gave them your word. Only to break it." Just like me he thought.
         Alex was quickly to bow his head and mumble an apology.
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