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History is repeating in the Ukraine. When will we all learn?
Through the thick fog of war
Lives are checked at the door
As the guns all do sing
From blood poppies once again spring

Our lives are precious you know
Sadly, evil deeds we do sow
Equality will eventually once again rise
Unity in this life’s our prize

Bullets are cheap and life priceless
Sanity must reign in every field
We need to forgive the past
In order to secure our future

The beauty of roses in bloom
Versus shadows, darkness, and doom
Corpses used to build a wall
Life’s a gift for us all

By forgiving these issues of old
We can bring all into the fold
Life can’t be bought or sold
We must break this repetitive mold

Death brings darkness; life brings light
Do what’s right, let us unite
Lives can’t be replaced with death
(Soft firmly with resolve and conviction)
“Sanity and reason must meet, in Every Field!”
(Pause briefly, then Read the poem I wrote titled “IN EVERY FIELD!”)

Opening scene:
Have soldiers in full gear marching across the fog filled stage (illuminated underneath) followed by the singer all dressed in red; she will pause at the side of the tomb facing the audience as the soldier disappear off stage.

Closing scene:
Lower the lights in the house slowly throughout the performance, ending in complete darkness and have a spotlight shining down upon the tomb of the unknown soldier on the stage; a widow dressed in black carrying a bouquet of red roses and holding the hand of a small child shall then appear and kneel in front of it placing the roses at the foot of the tomb.

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