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Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2269090
It is a poem about outcome of an illegitimate love relationship.

Free verse

Illicit Love

Silly love bears

fruits with a sap bitter

than the blood of an aloe Vera.

When you see a school girl

with a stomach

huge like an inflated

giant balloon

don't laugh.

Just pity and curse the

fruits of her silly love.

Silly love destroys young lives.

Illicit love is itself absurd.

It maims hopes.

It shatters dreams,

and make an ever regretful men.

Friend, when you see a boy

leaving school with nothing but-

"an educated bag"

and a brain so blunt

don't laugh!

Just pity and curse

the fruits of his silly love

silly love destroys ones dreams

Illicit love is itself surreal

It is awkward...

It's mad

It knocks the sight

of caring fathers

When you see a drama

of a fisting couple-

of a faithful mother and,

a cheating father-

Don't laugh!

Just pity and course the

fruits of illicit love.

Silly love tears apart the legitimate one.

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