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Beware, Magic Comes with a Terrible Price for Daily Flash
Beware, Magic Comes with a Terrible Price

Sam Adams was a professional con artist and gambler. He had graduated from the university of hard knocks before making it out to Asia where he supported himself teaching English, and running cons on both the locals and unwary tourists. Along the way he learned Thai and managed to con his way into obtaining a legitimate visa after he opened the Cosmos Bar which soon became the place to be in Bangkok. Located in Soi Cowboy, the Cosmos Bar had the best drinks, the best food and the best girls. And he also ran a card game in the back for selected participants.

Sam still played the con game from time to time but it was getting harder to do now that he was semi-legit. Sam thought he had seen it all, learned it all until one day he met the mysterious alluring Maria Lee. Maria Lee was a drop dead gorgeous Korean American woman on the lam from an abusive husband in Korea.

She said to Sam when they first met,

Sam, I will let you in on a secret, Can you keep a secret?

“Sure, what is it?”

“I am a secret Shaman and I can do Magic”


“Yes, but all magic comes with a terrible price. Are you willing to pay the price?”


“What do you want? I can make it happen.”

“Okay, I want a billion dollars.”

Sam found himself transformed into Donald Trump. He had a billion dollars in debt and was on his way to prison for his numerous crimes. He screamed,

I never should have listened to that witch.”
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