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A doable, potentially highly lucrative experiment.
Hypothesis: Prolonged exposure to consentual complete surveillance, (audio, video, internet, 24/7/365), will cause alterations to DNA, and behavior that accumulate to complete reform of the individual to reflect the very best qualities of willing individuals. The extent of the known audience, and it's input, will be determinate of the extent of the change observed.

Method: Subjects will be selected based on their expressed, legitimate, desire for complete reform, and by guaging the preparedness of individuals to fully embrace complete surveillance. While the goal of the experiment is to develop the method into a service for the general public, the initial subjects must be vetted to promote success of the experiment. In unwilling, or unprepared subjects, there's a risk of the experiment leading to regressive manifestations of behavior. The control group will be studying the placebo effect of the idea of complete surveillance, through DNA, and an initial and final examination period no longer than one week. The primary subjects will be under complete surveillance.

The most extreme conditions will be, at least, one individual being broadcast and completely exposed to the general public while being subject to any and all input from the audience via a myriad of of social media platforms and will be expected to interact as completely as possible with the totality of that audience. A daily highlight reel will be provided to prospective viewers, in the form of a typical reality show, as well as a 24 hour live feed, broadcast online.

The daily tasks of the individual should include a form of work that they can commit to. If they don't have a form of work that they can commit to then the work would be procurement of training to acquire work they're able to permanently commit to. The subjects would also be subject to daily interviews, establishing their current mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state. The possibility of the use of modern lie detection should be considered in an attempt to promote integrity in the results of the self reporting.

Daily DNA samples should be taken and analyzed for any differences that may correspond with any changes in behavior. Specifically, the goal in the analysis is identifying genes that are responsible for the, "Humanization", of DNA. Possibly, by making these examinations, new discovery of genes pertaining to regressive traits in Humanity may be identified, and may be reportable as , "consciously selectively alterable". One, theoretical, regressive gene could be the gene responsible for addictive tendencies.

The experiment would run the course of an entire year, and may be extended, based on demand, for the initial subjects. With the possibility of enhancing the conditions to the most extreme, fully broadcast, publicly viewable, entirely interactable reality show. Subjects would be chosen for this opportunity based on whether or not the initial period of the experiment bares a result deemable as, "exemplary".

Conclusion: Prolonged exposure to complete surveillance should produce a result of Humanizing the behavior and DNA of subjects due to elevated self examination and a desire to avoid self humiliation. It should also lead to an elevated sense of comfort and confidence in themselves as they make continual progress in self reform. The prediction of the end result is that the participants actually develop a preference for complete surveillance in their lives, which, then, may develop a demand for complete surveillance as a commodity, which can be sold to the general public, presuming that the results are as transformative as anticipated.

It should be, easily, viable to generate revenue throughout the process of the experiment, through the streaming feed and reality show. Upon the success of the experiment, it should also be also be easily possible to develop a service with an established demand in the general public. The implications of the success of the experiment, though, could change the face of the world, itself, forever.
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