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by Leaf
Rated: E · Poetry · Friendship · #2269206
Just a new poem
After some time your whole mind feels
Just numb
When you start to stop caring about others opinions or their actions
Or just them in general
And sooner or later so does your body
It becomes more quiet
To the point where you want it to speak again
Even if you have to hurt it again and again
By heat
By cold
By sharp objects
Or even harsh words will do it sometimes
But after so much of that numb feeling
Your body starts to get used to it
Even when someone wants to helps and shows you that they care
All your mind thinks of
Is what happened before
And your body starts to feel like it's
Falling into a endless void
And you don't want to help yourself
But sometimes they pull you out themselves
Even if they are dealing with their own demons
And little by little
Day by day
You start to love them more than possible
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