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by Shawn
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2269259
The story of Sweet Sadie and Jenny continues
The road was long and the radio had grown tiresome. Sweet Sadie cracked her window a little. Trying to introduce both fresh air and atmosphere into the car. Jenny's demeanor didn't fluctuate with the newly introduced ambiance . She was focused on the road seemingly, and had been for quite some time. It was obvious that her thoughts were elsewhere.

Time to try something else. "How are you feeling?" Sweet Sadie initiated the conversation which is not too usual. Hoping not to alarm Jenny in doing so was aiming at a conversation that was already so fragile. "I'm fine" Jenny calmly replied as she relaxed her shoulders. "A bite!" thought Sweet Sadie. Jenny seemed to be either unaware of Sweet Sadie's brazen move or she was finally willing to talk.

Sweet Sadie remarked how the weather had been seemingly improving as they headed Southeast. And then the conversation was geared towards the remarkable reliability of Jenny's 24 year old Honda Civic. Until all escape routes had been cut off and then Sweet Sadie slowly allowed the conversation to corner the sensitive issue of where they were headed.

Where were they headed? It was supposedly a former ghost town, abandoned in the late 1800s and then occupied by a community of people commonly known as The Beef Boys. The Beef Boys were not a rowdy gang of men as perhaps the name would insinuate. But we'll get to that.

"I just don't know why you would trust that man!" Sweet Sadie exclaimed. "Sam is in a similar position! He understands what I am going through and and knows what I need to do! He has no reason to lie to me!" yelled Jenny displaying her true fiery personality in full light. "Your home is in Massachusetts and you can truly make a difference in people's lives there!" Considering herself a freak Jenny had decided that The Beef Boys District was going to be her new home. But Sweet Sadie was having none of it and was adamant about coming along for the ride.

She never trusted Sam. Tall, shaved head with tattoos and a leather jacket. Yes most definitely Jenny's type but not the kind of man she needed to help her grow. Despite the stereotypical behavior, there was also something terribly off about this man. She just couldn't quite give that something a name.

"Why do you think living in the desert with a bunch of party boys would be something that could benefit your life Jenny?" interrogated Sweet Sadie. "What in the heck do you think gives you the right to call them party boys? And we haven't even gotten there yet!" retaliated Jenny. Jenny seen what Sweet Sadie had missed. The potential of Sam. He was searching for something that he just couldn't find. Sure he likes to blow off a little steam every now an then but who doesn't? Sam means well and Jenny knows this community will be exactly what she's looking for.

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