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Ages for Coalie, Halvar, Mildew, etc.
When Coalie arrives on Berk, he is nineteen. He abandons his birth name(Conrad MacKenzie) and begins working in the smithy under Kelp. Kelp has no one to succeed him as a smith.

Halvar Haddock, son of Hamish II and heir to Berk, is fifteen.

Mildew, son of Eelskin, is 19. Eelskin wants Mildew and Sylvi to marry, but her family rejected Eelskin's offer. He pushes Mildew to get Sylvi to agree. Mildew does, but his heart is not in it. He has feelings for another girl, Olga. Mildew is becoming a friend of Halvar Haddock's.

Sylvi Snorrison , a junior healer, is twenty. She was an apprentice healer under Gothi Magda, and will become the next Gothi.

Ragna Snorrison is twelve. Ragna has a crush on Halvar.

Veronika, the future Chieftess living on Meathead, is nineteen.

Floplout Jorgenson, a fisherman and Ragna’s future husband, is twenty-four.

Changeling Borkeson, Coalie’s tutor in Norse, is seventeen. The tribe calls her Hang, but Coalie calls her Ange. They marry when Coalie is twenty-one.

Afi Hofferson is also fifteen and a friend of Halvar.

Timeline of Events

Halvar is born in March. March marks the end of Devastating Winter. It is the first month of better, warmer weather. March is a harbinger of good things to come.

Veronika is born in August. There is great life in August. Many crops are on their second growing season. It is a month of continued fruitfulness. It is a time to embrace what is around you. The warm weather is continuing, game is plentiful, there are many ripe herbs and grasses. There is plenty to forage. It is a time of great abundance and the last reliable month of warm weather. August is a time of peace and plenty.

Ragna is born in November. November is a bridge month. Summer is gone, all has been harvested, the cold weather has arrived. It snows now. The ice sets in. It is a month of anticipation and readying. Devastating Winter has not yet arrived and food stores are plentiful. Few bad ailments occur, and medicines are ample. Snoggletog is coming soon, and the dragons cease their raids for the winter.

Gobber is born in early May. Crops are planted and growing, trees are budding, and Berk is fully past winter. It is a season of new life, hope, and growth.

Brenna is born in December, on Snoggletog. She will celebrate each birthday on the solstice, no matter the date. She is born on the longest night, when the growing darkness reaches it’s apex, then is beaten back by the light. It is an ending, and a doorway into a better time.

Stoick is born in June, around midsummer. Crops are growing and producing, people are active, and the days are long, with little darkness. There is a pleasant air in the village. Even with dragon raids, the long days of sunlight make battling dragons easier and there are more victories. It is a time of encouragement, when people are less anxious. Worries about food storage are few and the days longer, sometimes never seeing the sun set. Tasks are more of a joy. June is a time of promises fulfilled.

Flint is born roughly ten days after Brenna, on the cusp of the new year. He is a child of new beginnings, and leaving the past behind. A new year has arrived with its promise of better things to come, and Devastating Winter is here with the cold, risk, and slow dwindling of supplies. Times are good and bad, slow and fast, and there is the conflict between the two. One cannot ignore the conflict, but learn how to operate within its framework. Cusp of the year children may be more rebellious or struggle to find their place. They are solid, but not traditional, and look beyond where they are.

Spitelout is born in September. It marks the end of reliably warm weather. The heat of summer dwindles and more bark and seeds are harvested. The last of the berries are collected. Summer herb gardens are picked before the bad frosts come. It is the time to breathe. Summer has breathed its last, and people are catching their breath before the urgency of full harvest and winter preparations. Things are busy, and many labor, but it is not a time of constant worry. It is a time to face the future and carry the hope of a good winter in one’s heart. September is a time of longer tunics and warm cider, when Vikings say farewell to fruitfulness, knowing it will come about again.

Year one: Halvar Haddock, heir to Berk, is 19 when he marries 23 year old Veronika of Meathead. Veronika becomes a Berkian, a member of Clan Haddock, and the future Chieftess. Veronika is the niece of the Meathead chief. This is an alliance marriage. The wedding occurs in the first week of September. Ragna Snorrison, sixteen, is betrothed to Floplout Jorgenson, though she loves Halvar.

Year two: Ragna Snorrison, age seventeen, marries Floplout Jorgenson, age twenty-nine. This makes her part of clan Jorgenson. This is an arranged marriage, and it takes place in mid-April, seven months after Halvar and Veronika wed. Halvar has gone from feeling affection toward Veronika to loving her completely. Veronika has developed a fondness for her husband, but does not reciprocate his love. At Snoggletog, neither woman is pregnant. Halvar is twenty, Veronika twenty-four, and Ragna eighteen. Gobber Borkeson is born in May to Coalie the blacksmith and his wife. Gobber is the first child and only boy.

Year three: Halvar becomes Chief. Veronika comes to love Halvar. Ragna has settled into her new life as a Jorgenson. By Snoggletog, Halvar is 21, Veronika is 25, and Ragna is nineteen. Neither woman is pregnant.

Year four: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 22, Veronika is is 26, and Ragna is 20. Neither woman is pregnant.

Year five: Veronika conceives in March, Halvar’s birth month. By Snoggletog, Halvar is 23, Veronika is 27, and Ragna is 21. Halvar and Veronika’s first child, a girl, is born on Snoggletog. Veronika names her Brenna. Ragna works for the Haddocks, and is jealous of Veronika. Ragna remains childless.

Year six: At Snoggletog, Halvar is 24, Veronika 28 and Ragna 22. Brenna celebrates her first birthday. Neither woman is pregnant. Gobber is three and a half.

Year seven: At Snoggletog, Halvar is 25, Veronica is 29, Brenna celebrates her second birthday. A second child is conceived in September, and Veronica is 3 months into her pregnancy. Ragna is 23 and not pregnant.

Year eight: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 26, and Veronika is 30. A son was born in June, and Halvar names him Stoick. Stoick is 6 months old, Brenna celebrates her third birthday,Gobber is five and a half. Ragna is 24 and not yet pregnant.

Year nine: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 27, Veronika is 31, Stoick is 18 months, Gobber is six and a half, and Brenna celebrates her fourth birthday. Gobber’s sister Stinkweed, aka Tink, is born. Ragna, 25, is not pregnant.

Year ten: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 28, Veronika is 32, Stoick two and a half, Brenna turns 5. A third child is conceived in March, and born on the eve of the new year. Halvar names him Flint. Gobber is seven and a half. Another daughter, Dingaling, aka Inga, is born to the Borkesons. Ragna, 26, remains childless.

Year eleven: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 29, Veronika is 33, Stoick three and a half, Brenna turns 6, Flint turns 1. Ragna, 27, remains childless.

Year twelve: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 30, Veronika is 34, Stoick four and a half, Brenna turns 7, Flint turns 2. Gobber is nine and a half. The Borkesons have their final child, a girl named Halitosis, aka Alli. Ragna conceives Spitelout over the holiday. Ragna is 28.

Year thirteen: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 31, Veronika is 35, Stoick is five and a half, Gobber is ten and a half. Brenna turns eight, Flint turns three. Spitelout, born in September, is 3 months old. Ragna is 29. Her husband, Floplout Jorgenson, is 41. Spitelout will be their only child.

Year fourteen: By Snoggletog, Halvar is 32, Veronika is 36, Stoick is six and a half, Gobber is eleven. Brenna turns nine, Flint turns four. Spitelout is fifteen months old. Floplout Jorgenson, age 42, dies the following February, leaving Ragna a widow and Spitelout fatherless.

§ § §

Hiccup Horrendous Stoicksson Haddock born February 29, 1008

Stoick Halvarsson Haddock, aka Stoick the Vast, born June 15, 978

Valka, later Jorgenson
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