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the Implant that Changed the World

The Implant that Changed the World

40 lines

Sam Adams was a researcher
At the Cosmos Institute
Studying life extension therapies
Preparing for the coming singularity

One day he invented an implant
That would connect one’s mind
To the internet
And to other human beings

The implant also recorded
One’s thoughts and dreams
And allowed for the transfer
Of consciousness

From one human being
To another or to a robot AI

The implant also
Served as both a birth control device
And a disease prevention device
Eliminating both unwanted pregnancies
And diseases at the same time.

They also developed cloning technology
Allowing for people to grow a new body
And at age 70 one could apply.

To get a new body
Paid for by accumulated social security
Pension funds.

Transferring one’s consciousness
To the new customed grown body
Circle of life indeed 0
A perfect healthy 20-year-old body

One could change a few things
Gender, hair color, eye color
But not racial characteristics
Or body shape

Changing genders became
The most popular option
For the next 70 years of life

Thus making the ancient dream
Of immortality a reality.

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