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A Mom finds out how scientific her two sons are. And it won me Cramp! ;)
The kids weren't in the garden
The kids weren't in their room
Had she lost her kids, while she was
attending the meeting on Zoom?

Then she heard their voices
And she sighed in relief
The kids were in the kitchen!
Her 4-yr-old was a cookie thief!

She entered, to find them
Looking intently at a plate
Full of donuts, they didn't look up
Their concentration was great.

"Ahem," she said loudly,
And her 10-year old replied,
"MOM! Look at your scientist kids
You should be full of pride!"

"We've made a discovery!"
"We've found out something new!"
Her 4-year old was so joyful
He was grinning through and through.

"What have you found out? -
Tell me if you please"
"A donut is a circle
With three-sixty degrees!"

She smiled at her scientists
Both so enthusiastic
"You found that by yourselves?
That was a good trick!"

"But we have more to find out,"
her sons shouted in chorus
"We've counted degrees, now it's
Calories, and weight, for us!"

With that, the studious ones
Continued their research sublime
By chewing, swallowing, gulping
And having a wonderful time!

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