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by Shawn
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Ramblings to myself while walking
A circus in town? I haven't been to one of these since I was a child. Why do they staple them to these electrical poles and never come back to take them down? Do they think it will make our neighborhood look cool? A hipster vibe? What are hipsters? I actually don't know what they look like come to think of it. I wonder if they themselves even know if they are hipsters or if they are just labelled them unfairly the minute their backs are turned. I think I will google hipster as soon as I reach home. Perhaps I am a hipster and I don't even know it. I suppose I must be something. I can't be the only ordinary person in the world. I must carry with me some unknown characteristic that allows me to fall into some category I am completely unaware of. If I knew what I was would I try and change it? Would I look for others so as to be part of a community where I truly belong? They should make an app for this. An app that allows other people to describe who you are without ever really meeting you. Oh look another circus poster. This one is right above a Lost Dog sign. Poor family. They should make an app for this too. If everyone on a 4 block radius could receive an instant alert that a beloved pet has gone missing. Maybe I will make these apps? But I actually don't have the time. So many important things I must do with my life first. Yes, if I get everything else prioritized maybe one day I can spend my time creating apps and writing books. And in those days I will always make it a point to watch the sunset every single day. Yes, I will appreciate all the little things in life. But now I have important business to take care of and don't have the time for this kind of nonsense.
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