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Sam Adams Secret Life for Daily Flash

Sam Adams had a secret, A shadowy second life As a secret agent man, filled with secrets and lies. He hung out in the shadows In service to his country, lying and deceiving, interfering in the affairs of other countries. He had a weakness, damsels in distress as he was a player, a womanizer always chasing the latest female flame that entered his life. If a woman were to answer his question, “Do you need any help” he would be smitten and must have the woman as his lover before the next dawn. That is how he rolled. He met his nemesis, Maria Lee, one night at the Cosmos Bar in Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy was one of the expat hangouts in Bangkok. She was an North Korean agent sent by Pyongyang to Thailand to recruit Sam Adams to their cause, as Sam used to work in Seoul and knew things useful to the North Koreans.

Sam did not need much persuasion to fall for the guile of Maria Lee. She told him a tale of woe when he asked if she needed any help. She said that she was the soon-to-be ex-wife of one of the Samsung heirs. She had stolen 50 million dollars and was on the lam. She required help in laundering the money, she said she would pay him back in a night of passion if he were to help her.

He admitted that he knew some people who could help launder the money for a fee. And agreed to help her out. He went with her to her hotel where her compatriots had wired for video surveillance. Once the deed was done, she revealed that she had played him and told him that he worked for the North Koreans now.
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