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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2269416
Sam Adams and the leprechauns

Sam Adams was a con man who had grown up in California. He was of mixed race, including part Irish. One day he was hanging out in Bangkok at the Cosmos Bar with his friend, Maria Lee, who was a drop-dead gorgeous Korean woman on the lam from her abusive ex-husband.

Sam told her his latest get rich scheme. They would fly to Ireland in search of a secret gold mine located deep in the countryside, guarded by evil leprechauns. She laughed at Sam but said, what the hell and off they went to Ireland. They wore green clothes and put on a shamrock on their backpacks and went deep into the countryside following a map Sam had found on the internet.

They finally came to a bar near the site of the ancient gold mine. They went into the bar and had a few drinks with the locals. They finally announced that they were there for the gold. The locals all laughed and said

Mate, there is no gold. That is such a myth. There are though leprechauns guarding the mine and if I were you I’d leave now before the leprechauns find you. They laughed and went outside and found the deserted mine. They entered the mine and found a leprechaun who challenged them.

They explained what they wanted.

The leprechaun laughed and said

Welcome my friends. The entrance is that way.

Then entered the cave and were never seen again.
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