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The Stolen Necromicron for Daily Flash
The Stolen Necromicron

Sam Adams worked for the Cosmos Institute in Berkeley, California. The Cosmos Institute considered themselves to be the equivalent of the fictional X files. Their director, Sam’s boss, the mysterious Maria Lee, had deep connections with the intelligence communities of the world and with occult figures.

One of the cases they had been working on for several months was tracking down the infamous necromicron. Maria had let Sam in on a secret story that Lovecraft was writing true stories, and the fabled necromicron was a book that revealed the secrets to opening portals to other worlds.

Finding it was one of their top priorities. One day Sam went to her and told her that they had found the location of the book, but when they got to the bookstore the owner said someone had broken in and stolen rare books, including the Necronomicon.

Maria told Sam,

“Sam, it was indeed stolen. I stole it and you and I are going to open the portal to the other dimensions. Are you ready?” she said pulling out the black leather bond book from her safe.

Sam stared at her as she revealed her true self – a reptilian creature. She smiled and said

“ Sam,

What I am about to tell you is top secret ultra and only a few people know the truth. I am originally from the planet Sirius and am descendant of ancient Atlantis.

But, Sam, my dear, I am afraid that this is the end of the line for you. You now know too much. She smiled at him, pulled out a gunshot him, and threw his body into the wormhole door which closed.

Sam Adams was reported missing from their latest field trip to the Amazon region. The invasion fleet arrived on time.

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