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A Short Scary Story
It was well past midnight the cold crisp air seeping in through her windows gently, making her grip her blanket shaking mildly, she was just about to let out a cough when she heard a low whine sound outside the cabin. A loud howl pierced the eerily silent woods and she gasped sharply, her eyes as wide as they could go and she held a gasp in, clamping her lips shut tightly against one another.

Intense shaking and tingles wracked her body, her arms that's holding her up shake violently as she got up off the soft comfy chair, and leaned forward to place her feet on the cold hardwood floor. She stepped towards the front door and took very slow cautionary steps forwards making sure she landed her feet so slowly and silently as she slowly reached for the handle.

Before she could reach it, however, there was another whine and scratching on the bottom of the door. Shadows darted every which way as she watched in horror, her heart hammering in her chest as she watches on as the creature outside her cabin begs to come in. She jumps, but stays silent and shakes harder, now slightly hesitant to reach the door.

There was more whining and scratching at the door for a few more moments, before whatever it was seemed to retreat, the shadows receding to illuminate bright moonlight coming in from the crack in the bottom of the door. She puffs her cheeks up and takes a deep breath in, Muttering faint cries to herself, very worried for her self being, but concerned and curious as to what kind of creature made that noise, she started gathering the courage to finally close the remaining gaps between her and the door, she turns the handle and opens up the creaky wooden door.

When she does open the door, she has to lock her knees together to keep her body from automatically turning around and running back inside, to slam the door close, and never opening it again. She curls her hands into fists at her side, her nails softly biting into her flesh the cold, bitter wind lashing her face and bare feet, creating hot flares on her hands and feet, she bites her lip, softly nipping chewing it without a care if she breaks the skin. On her deck floor, where the steps lead, is many claw marks, almost like wolf claws, right at her feet.

"It's not too deep into my wood" She exclaimed to herself concerned by how much wood she would have to either sand down and re-do or rip it all up and start fresh, when she turned around to the door, only to see more claw marks. She huffed and let out a loud groan. But what made her cut her groan short, was a bark of sorts come from far across the long, empty, and dark field. She turns her head to look and what she sees shocks her to her core.

A wolf stood on the far side of the field, from this far she couldn't see how big it was, but half of its body stood outside the woods, in the moonlight. Able to see the wolf was all stark black, the coat shining brightly in the moonlight that was illuminated on the field, the wolf had big paws that looked like the claws under them, could do major damage, potentially fatal. The wolf picked its head up and let out another ear-piercing howl, its head bent up at the sky, the howl sent her blood running cold, her arms prickling with anticipation and cold dread that settled in the pit of her stomach, it drained all warmth from her face and body, making her shake and rattle like a bag of bones.

When it finished with its scary but yet beautiful melody, the wolf settled its eyes on her, and retreated into the woods, slowly blending in with the dark and vast forest around her, until all she could see was its eyes disappearing and the cornstalks moving around in the distance, without a second thought she scampers back inside the cabin and slams the door closed, locking it.

The lock did nothing to settle the overwhelming fear of the creature on the opposite side of the field, this wolf seemed different than the rest, it seemed like it had an agenda and not a simple or nice one. She was not feeling an ounce of safety from the creature who seemed to promise their meet again with hidden intent in its howl. It seemed to call out to her, saying goodbye for now, but a 'see you soon' by the sad and hopeful tone. She gulped, feeling cold all over, she shakes away the uneasiness and goes back to her chair.

She huddles into bed later that night, not able to shake the dread slowly creeping its way into her, she closes her eyes tightly tossing back and forth for a long while, until she finally with an exasperated sigh, throws herself back up and stomps out of her bed to march to the little window, peering past the small curtains she placed up for privacy, noticing the horizon getting a little light, a white almost orange glow peeks out on the overlooking horizon, and she gulps telling herself she needed to sleep, or else she would drive herself crazy, she lays back down on her bed, and rustles around until she gets comfortable underneath her warm blanket, closing her eyes gently only to be thrown into a long restless nights sleep.
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