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They're out there. Poem of too many words and too many lines. (Don't take it seriously...)

They live far away where it is not warm
In the waters is where they tend to swarm
Their diet, they claim, is mainly small fish
They mate for life, as many humans wish

When underwater, they swim with such grace
And yet on the ground, they fall on their face
The dads are known to look after the kids
Despite the wind and snow being frigid

Yes, they look cute and maybe even sweet
While waddling about on their big flat feet
But do not let innocent looks fool you
Those bastards are only out to kill you

They hide in huge flocks, just watching it all
Then when the time comes, up goes a loud call
And the strange cry of these alleged birds
Can be understood by all without words

I’m not saying they use any weapons
But I wouldn’t put anything past them
They wait until you’re completely alone
Then they block the signal to your cell phone

And they attack in a rush of feathers
You hear smacking like willow on leather
They swamp all those who are unsuspecting
No rhyme nor reason to their selecting

So, the only thing we can do is hide
Nowadays, it’s us or them, do or die
There’s too many of them for us to fight
So we should simply turn tail and take flight

For they run the government over us
And have got themselves protected status
So killing them is now against the law
No matter the rules they themselves ignore

Therefore, I give a warning to you all
Before they have forced you under their thrall
There is no animal more full of sin
Than the evil, nasty, feathered penguin

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