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A pragmatic scientist gets a talk about reality.
Dr. Rhode sat across from the notable talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. The show began who the audience applauding as the camera moved from the crowd to the hostess and her guest.

“My guest today is the New York Times bestselling book, Inventing God,” she said. “Tell us a little about your book’s premise Dr. Rhode.”

Rhode smiled and settled into his seat and began. “It is quite plain, as the truth often is. The idea is that God only exist as we give the notion substance. We create God in our minds. But, what we do in response to that creation defines the nature if God. In essence, we are Gods to ourselves.”

“That is fascinating. You hold three Ph.D.’s, one in physics, one in philosophy and one in phycology. How long did it take you to write the book and the steps you made compiling the information.”

Dr. Rhodes smiled then chuckled. “Ah, it took years of deep thought, the analyzation of religious basis, and my own experience of life.”

“What would you say to all the people who believe in a separate, divine almighty being?”

Rhode took a deep breath and folded his hands and put them to his chin. “Be your own captain. Do not surrender yourself to something that will not affect you. You have so much power and potential and “God-likeness” so to speak, in your own mind.”

“With that, we will go to questions,” said Oprah as she stood and walked in the aisle of seated audience members.

A middle-aged woman in blue blouse raised her hand and was given the mike. “What is your take on death?” she said.

“It depends on what you believe-if you will yourself to live on you will, but if not well, it speaks for itself. It does not matter if you accomplish all that is on your bucket list. Good deeds and morals will not change your afterlife. Just wish it and you will spring forth into immortality.”

Another woman was given the mike and spoke. “I am a born again Christian and I believe that once we believe in Christ we are given a new birth and will live forever. I stand by faith and not philosophical conjecture. You have never died. How do you know of death?”

“I could ask you the same question, mam.”

“It is faith I abide by. It is not blind faith. The Word says-Faith is the evidence of things not seen and of things hoped for. I have inner conviction.” Then the woman sat.

“Then it is your faith in the Bible that you stand on with no scientific proof,” said Dr, Rhode.

“We will we be right back after this commercial break,” said Oprah.

During the break, Rhode had a talk with Oprah about appearing on a follow up show to fully explain his take of theology. After the break the discussion went on about different kinds of “Gods” one can create, whether it be a violent God, a careless God and so on. He also spoke about suffering which he addressed in his book.

When the show ended, he signed some books and sold a good number of them to the audience.

Rhode drove home in is Porcha and parked in front of his house. He was tired and decided to take a nap on his sofa. He fell asleep and had a dream.

He stood in front of a man in a white robe. “You have led people astray. You must reevaluate your beliefs and understand,” said the man.

“Who are you?”

“I am a messenger of God.”

“God doesn’t exist.”

“Then where did I come from?”

Rhodes frowned. “This is a dream. I remember falling asleep.”

The robed messenger touched Rhode’s forehead and he gasped in pain.

“Is there pain in a normal dream?” said the messenger.

“Why am I here?”

“You must be reconciled as I said. First you must believe in God,” said the messenger.

“I do believe in metaphysics, but there is no proof of a supreme being.”

“Does a painting exist without a maker? Does the world stay together without something to hold it in sync?”

“Atoms hold things together. It is a scientific fact. There is no proof of a God. And don’t forget the human soul cannot be proven. How then do you know of where it goes after death?”

“Then you could be wrong if you think one is true. If the sky is blue, and one man says it is yellow and another green, are they both right or both wrong?”

“I suppose the latter,” uttered Rhode. “But how can you relate this with something so…contemplative and deviating?”

“Did you not say the truth is plain? You were wise in that,” said the messenger.

“I must have proof.”

“It is obvious that you cannot be reasoned with. If it is seeing the truth for yourself, then so be it!”

In a flash of light, he stood in a bright place with shining beings in white robes having stork’s wings. Clouds filled the place where he stood. A familiar man approached him. “Hello son,” said the man.

“Father! Where am I?”

“Where do you think? This heaven.”

“I have not seen something so beautiful!” Rhode said with tears.

“Can such a place be only a dream?” said his father.

“Where is mother?”

“She is in another place. She died believing like you do. Son, turn from your ways and when you pass, you will be with me.”

“I’ll do it. Why did you wait until now to let me see the truth?”

The robed messenger stepped forward. “You will convince all who thought as you did until this meeting.”

“I submit. Return me.”

Suddenly, he awoke. He took his cell phone and dialed his publishing agent. “John, I want all copies of my book in stock, to be permanently withheld. I’ll explain everything on my next appearance on Oprah.”

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