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The sun hasn't set, but it's at the right angle to pierce through all the windows.
My walls are decorated with stripes of sunlight, streaming past the window blinds I haven't bothered to close yet.
If I'm sitting in front of a window, it lines up with my eyes and I awkwardly change positions.
This sun is exposing the dust on my bookshelves as well.

My cat is laying in the sun, basking in it.
She is sprawled out, sideways, on the beige-colored carpet we have.
It reflects off her brown fur, and I imagine how cozy she must be.
In the warm sun, over soft carpet, sleeping or just relaxing.
Not a worry in the world.

I walk over, as one does, to pet her. The sunlight catches on my watch.
She looks at me, then chirps and darts behind me, where my watch is reflecting a small circle of light onto the wall.
She stares at this dot, focused intensely. Her head moves instantly when I tilt my watch to move the light.
Her tail twitches as I keep the circle in one place, waiting to catch this elusive dot.
Her little ears unwavering, as she sits and stares at the circle of light on the wall.
If only she knew.

She finally leaps up, quickly placing her multicolored paws on the target.
But there is nothing for her to feel. There is nothing to catch at all.
The dot moves rapidly to the right, I angle it to slide over the door.
She reaches again, paws on the wooden door, chasing after the moving object.
Her confusion is my amusement, but she continues watching the dot.

It is not anything worth chasing, yet she is unaware.
I pet her again and leave the scene.

She resumes laying on the carpet, this time slightly curled up.
One paw sticks out in front of her.
My precious cat.

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