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A story about a boy who turned into an anthrophonic cat by a strange magic latex!
The beginning....
It was very beautiful day for everyone,there was a clear sky,nice fresh wind,green grasses fields &knuckles.
(A Sonic joke I made for laughing....so laugh!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 😆)
And the 10-years-old called Mails were exploring the places that he found special,he always carring his own protection set for anything could be harmful,but he didn't know what will meet him,changing his live....for the rest of it...!😨
Mails has entered a green field that nobudy DURE
to enter it,well...not because it is dangerous but because they don't know what's inside,but he did it anyway.
Mails:it well be a great day for a solo exeplorer trip,what can goes wrong?
But after hearing a strange sounds,Mails looked around to see a black and white latex on ground.
"What does a latex doing on ground,should I get close to it" said Mails,the one who look like if he really want to know...
What mails will do?!
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