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What if a player trapped in Sword Art Online had a way to contact the outside world?
Chapter 0: Explaining the story

What if during the Sword Art Online game, there was a built in email feature, that had been disabled by the game's creator? And What If by a random chance a person going through this ordeal had a link to their loved ones? This story will be told through a series of emails between a trapped player (not Kirito, an ordinary person) and their friends/family.

On November 6th, 2022 the first Virtual Reality MMO RPG publicly went online for a limited release of 10,000 players on the maiden server. As the players began to log in, they experienced the wonder of inhabiting a fictional world in an imaginary body. The players excitedly began to explore and engage with the world but upon the 10,000th player's log in, they received a terrifying message. The ability to Log Out had been removed, the only way to exit the game was for the players to climb the 100 floors, and that if you die in the game, you died for real.

But thousands of individuals can find cracks in the system that even the most intelligent but isolated mind can fail to foresee. Among the many options presented to the players, there was an email function built into the in-game menu. However as it was temporarily disabled for the sake of simplicity when the various players were first instructed to open their menus as part of a tutorial, most failed to realize it's existence. Upon the announcement by the Game's creator, the feature was been removed completely... to all but those who had already used it during the brief window it was available.

Only able to send and receive messages from his mother, sister, and best friend, how will our protagonist handle being trapped in this other world, where monsters roam and hundreds are dying daily?

And what kind of messages will they receive?

(I intend to release more chapters, but currently do not have a paid subscription. This is my first post, I am not sure if I can add more chapters to this, or if they would have to be posted separately or if I need an upgraded to post "books".)
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