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(Athena is what i picture or imagine as my ideal partner)
she is why
she the all I ever desired
she, the cause

she, an endless odyssey I want to endure for the rest of my days

she, a goddess of pure divinity, the embodiment of absolute beauty

her, the everything I will ever need, a nymph descended from heaven

her, the trace of absolute grace gleaming left for every step taken,

her, an utter enigma to depict, no words are capable of characterizing her outright pulchritude with accuracy, her eyes a lagoon of crystalline turquoise water, its pit being unknown able to submerge nescient if I will be able to rise to the surface for a breath.

she, full of nothing but celestiallity, her transcendent gaze through all is incomparable. Just looking at her is as enchanting as a gaze through a lea of heaven's flowers

she, the one in possession of all my love, incessant devotion to her, my whole soul is hers to keep.
she is why
she is my everything, my entire cosmos
she, Athena

is my love.
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