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This poem defies description.
Not even silence can be heard
when I should sleep, but sing instead
like some nocturnal, mournful bird
confused by voices in my head.

The empty midnight brings defeat,
but I grow stronger all day long
to sing my aching heart's slow beat
and reach the world with my sad song.

A song of silence cannot fill
the sad and lonely, lost from flight,
the way a song of sadness will,
nor number all the stars at night.

Diurnal silence fills the bird
with strength and will to sing at night,
when mournful hearts can best be heard
and countless stars are shining bright.

What destination could you need?
What pow'r of will can get you there?
For good or bad, just know you're freed
and freedom's good no matter where.

When I get sad and lost alone,
I'll count the stars and in my sleep,
I'll sing to you in sombre tone
a song your heart will wish to keep.

for a Friend
March 21, 2022
22:54:44 CT
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