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Sometimes we're the ones who push our friends away.
What's wrong?
Don't lie.
"I'm not."
You can tell me anything you know.
So what's wrong?
"Well...it's probably not a big deal."
Tell me.
"I just feel like I should be appreciated more, that's all."
Who doesn't appreciate you?
"My friends."
And you don't think this is a big deal?
"Well not really..."
Oh of course it is. All these people, all these high and mighty people, thinking they're something special.
"That's true..."
Of course you should be appreciated! Who do they think they are?
But, on the other hand, who says we need their approval? They don't deserve our attention or time or care. We should really just forget them.
"Well I mean I still like them, they're nice people I just-"
No no no, see they want you to think that. They probably talk about you behind your back, make up lies. You know, deep down, you are nothing to them.
"But we've been friends forever-"
Have you? Think. What have they done for you? Have they ever complimented you? Appreciated what you do for them?
They are jealous. And why wouldn't the be? You've got it all! You shouldn't waste your time on them.
"but...it's just that we've been friends forever..."
Friends? You really think they're your friends?
"I don't know."
You know, it's hard for people like us. Always undervalued. Misunderstood. Underappreciated. No one gets us do they?
You don't need them.
"I don't?"
No. Forget them.
Forget them. I'm the only friend you need.
"...I guess..."
Trust me. They aren't worth anything.
"You're right."
Of course I am. When have I ever let you down?
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