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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2269781
Three friends are on the run.
Run For Your Life

"Are you sure nobody saw you?" asked Jody.

"No," replied Leo, "I'm not. I think Skorik might have recognized me despite the disguise."


"Yeah." Leo looked around the cabin for a moment. "We'll stay here for the night. I'll scavenge around and see if there's any first aid supplies. We need to find out how bad Dani's hurt."

"I think she might have a concussion." replied Jody. "She's had that glazed look on and off since we got her out. I've been trying to keep her awake."

Leo carried his friend through the other door and laid her on the bed. His Army medical training kicked in as he checked Dani for broken bones and other hurts.

"What do you think?" asked Jody as she started the propane heater and closed the door to the bedroom.

"Broken fingers and toes, and the bruises go bone-deep. She might have a fracture. I won't be able to tell until she can tell me," Leo reached under Dani's shoulder to sit her up. She had withdrawn deeply into herself, and Jody could see Leo strain to lift her.

"Dani," said Jody, positioning herself behind her lover. "Listen to me, you need to stay awake, I need you to talk to me."

Dani's eyes rolled back one more time, and Jody shook her a little, "Dani, no, don't go. Talk to me, babe, tell me where it hurts."

Leo checked Dani's arms and legs, fingers, and toes, finding three broken toes and four fingers. They would heal if straightened. He taped the digits together. He got ice from the cooler and made an ice pack for her head.

When Dani's vision cleared several hours later, the three discussed what to do next.

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