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Don't Tell Anyone for Daily Flash

Big Daddy, “aka Sam Adams, was an ex-CIA operative, kicked out of the CIA for violating the CIA’s lax ethical standards and for murdering enemies on U.S. territory. He ended up in Bangkok where he ran the Cosmos Club with his Thai lady friend Khun Lek who was the niece of a notorious drug narco lord and Sam was in the drug smuggling business as well as money laundering business. One day Maria Lee came into his bar in Soi Cowboy. She said that the word in Korea was that Sam Adams could help launder large sums of money. He agreed to help her launder 50 million dollars stolen from her ex-husband, a Samsung executive.
He was in town looking for her and she needed Sam’s help. Sam went to his lodgings and bugged the place and came back to the bar.

Maria reminded him that she did not want him to tell anybody about it, saying,

“Don’t Tell anyone. I don’t trust my ex-husband.”

He smiled and said,

“you should know by now that I am very good at what I do, and that I know how to keep secrets. Now tonight is when you will pay me your fee – a night of wild passionate sex. “

She smiled and said,

“sure but let's drink first.”

They started drinking up a storm. Khun Lek was getting jealous. She did not trust Maria and also did not like Sam for agreeing to have sex with the glamorous Korean lady. When the Korean goons came to her she told them where Sam and Maria would be at 5 in the morning.

Twenty drinks later they left for his nearby apartment when they were set upon by two Korean goons who shot and killed them both. They were sent by her ex-husband.

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