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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2269883
Trouble Finds Big Daddy daily flash

Big Daddy, aka Sam Adams, was the man who always had a plan. He was an ex University of Arkansas and Dallas cowboy player who had worked for the CIA after the agency fired him for murdering enemies of the state at home in contravention of agency rules, but they retained his services from time to time. He returned home to Little Rock where he opened a bar and grill and tried to stay out of trouble but trouble found him. One day he went on a trip and while flying back from the West Coast on a business trip for the Agency, he met a mysterious woman, Maria Lee, a Korean-American drop-dead gorgeous woman who was on the lam from her rich Korean husband. She had one question for Big Daddy.

“The word in the Korean community is that you are a man who knows how to launder money. Can you launder 50 million dollars?”

“Hmm, for a fee.”

“What’s the fee?”

“A night of wild sex with you.”

“Done, but only after the deed is done.”

she smiled sweetly.

They went to Little Rock and Sam called his underworld contacts and they laundered the 50 million dollars and he gave her the bank receipt. He had parked the money in a Cayman islands account.

That night she honored her agreement with Big Daddy. The next morning while drinking his cup of coffee, she revealed that she had poisoned him because she did not want anyone to know about the transaction and her affair with Big Daddy.

She smiled,

“After all it was just a business deal in the end. Nothing personal, Big Daddy.”

And that was how trouble found Big Daddy.
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