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Big Daddy’s Final Hours For Daily Flash
Sorry, You Met Met?

Sam Adams, aka “Big Daddy” was an undercover operative for the CIA doing contract work for them, specializing in “wet work”. He operated out of the Cosmos coffee shop in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand. He was called “Big Daddy” because he was an ex-football linebacker, 6 feet 6 inches of pure muscle. Many people around the world wanted to kill him for revenge, as he had taken out lots of high-level people. In the Cosmos Coffee shop, he was known simply as the common-law husband of the madam, Kuhn Lek. No one in the bar knew his real identity except Kuhn Lek who had vowed to keep his secrets in return for a share of his ‘contract” fee.

One day, a mysterious drop-dead gorgeous Korean woman came to the bar, asking for Sam Adams by his nickname, “Big Daddy”. He came over, and she said that she was a Korean woman on the lam from her ex-husband and needed Big Daddy’s help in laundering money. He promised to pass on the message to Big Daddy, but asked her if she could pay the fee.

She said,

“Depends on the fee.”

“A night with me making wild passionate love.’

“Deal, but you will be sorry to have met me.” she said, and went to his room. In the morning, she smiled and said,.

“I know who you are. You could not fool me. You are big Daddy.”

He said,

“Yeah, so what?”

She pulled out a gun, shot him dead, and said,

”That’s what, Big Daddyo. My ex-husband sent me to kill you because you stole 50 million dollars from him. Relax, this is strictly business, nothing personal. I actually enjoyed last night, but I did warn you that you would be sorry to have met me.”

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