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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2269941
Soul-bonded Sig-twins spend quality sibling time in Germania’s enchanting woods.

Chapter 2: Young Twin Love in the Forest

Chapter summary: Soul-bonded twins Sigmund and Signy spend some quality sibling time in Germania’s enchanted woods early in the morning.

Signy and Sigmund awoke long before dawn, ere most of the residents of the hall had awoken. They tiptoed from their beds toward the exit of the hall. There, guards were holding watch.
“Thank you, Master Rudolf,” murmured Signy and cast the sleeping spell she’d learned the day before on the guards. Its effect was only light, giving the supernaturally linked twins just enough time to leave the hall unnoticed, whereupon the guards resumed their important task. The young prince and princess took each other by the hand and ran into the woods, finding their way by moonlight. Once they reached their favorite beech tree in the middle of a clearing, they began with their gift-giving.
“Okay, how again did Mom and Dad do it?” said Sigmund.
“Hmm, we couldn’t get a clear view while spying on them”, said Signy. “Let’s try to recall together.”
With closed eyes, they wordlessly thought as one, trying to call back to mind as much information as they could. Then, both opened their eyes together. “I think we have it,” they said as one.
“Alright, baby bro, let me officially declare my birthday gift for you.”
“Okay, sweet li’l sis, and let me officially declare mine for you.”
They sang:
“We’re sister and brother
from one father and one mother
who dearly love each other.
We’re meant to be together
now and forever.
That’s why for all eternity
I’ll give you my virginity.”
With that, the two kids started dancing around the beech, all over the clearing, and even a bit into the dark region outside the clearing. They made such graceful movements that it looked like they glided over the ground. Thanks to their link, their dance was perfectly coordinated and harmonious. Sigmund often took Signy by her hands and whirled her around him, and she frequently spun around rapidly like a top.
When the young twins deemed to have danced enough, they came to stand under the beech tree again. They embraced and tried to press their lips together, but their high-bridged noses bumped against each other.
“Oh, we have to tilt our heads sideways,” said Signy.
“Right, I’d forgotten”, said Sigmund.
They made a second attempt, but although they both tilted their heads, they did so in the same direction, so their noses bumped again.
“Sigmund! We’ve got to use our special bond to coordinate better.”
“Sorry. I’m just so excited.”
The boy pulled his sister’s head toward his for the third time that morning, and this time, it worked. The twins’ small mouths melted into each other. Both siblings savored the moment of intense love and intimacy. By sharing their feelings and emotions with one another, they didn’t just double the quality and intensity of the moment, but actually made new emotions and feelings only twins with such a special bond can have and know.
As he slowly pulled back from the kiss, Sigmund tenderly brushed a golden strand of Signy’s hair aside from her high forehead.
“You are so beautiful!” he said dreamily.
Before Signy could reply, her brother planted another kiss on her lips. This time, it was more urgent. Each twin gently but firmly stroked the other’s fair hair and they pressed their thin lips together until they hurt. Next, they showered each other’s highly orthognathous faces with a barrage of kisses.
“Okay,” said Signy, “I think Mom and Dad next kissed each other from head to toe.”
“You don’t need to tell me. I know what you think, and right now, I think what you think.”
So the young princess and prince let their emotions flow freely. Sigmund kissed Signy on the temple and drew in the flowery fragrance of her hair. He almost tumbled as his knees got weak from the exhilarating feeling of sensing his twin’s hair brush against his cheek and smelling her otherworldly, heavenly fragrance. But this was topped by the mental and spiritual closeness he shared with her. Together, the siblings thought about the awesome link they shared and the intimacy it blessed them with. Before they went crazy from the bliss of twincestuous love, Sigmund thought it best to make a trail of kisses passing from his sister’s well-formed, narrow chin to her high cheekbones and then her well-shaped ears, and from there over her long, thin neck to her clothed, graceful body: her shoulders, her chest, her narrow waist, her slim hips, and her sleek legs. He even took off one of her shoes and planted a kiss on the upper side of her well-formed foot. He also caressed her small and muscular, firm and tight butt. Something happened with Sigmund’s feelings as he ran this marathon, something so slight that he wasn’t consciously aware of it, but his sister was. As he passed from her snow-white skin to her clothes, he subconsciously and without showing it in any way felt a slight disappointment, and when he came across her flawless skin again, he subconsciously and without in any way showing it felt a slight thrill. When he had finished, he stood upright again and admired the amazing beauty of the young maiden in front of him.
After likewise admiring the wiry figure of her brother and his super-manly handsomeness, Signy said, “Alright, it’s my turn now.”
She did for Sigmund what he had just done for her, but learning from her brother’s subconscious experience, she tried to stay on her brother’s equally perfect skin for as long as possible. When she had also finished, they said together: “I think Mom and Dad also caressed each other all over.”
So they did that, too. Sigmund greatly enjoyed the look and feel of his sister. He loved how her body lacked plumpness as much as her mind lacked it. Signy was no less enthusiastic about her brother’s masculine body than she was delighted by his over-manly mind. In between ever more passionate kisses, they heaped praise on each other’s strength of will, independence, strength, and smartness. As the latter was mentioned, Signy said, “Let’s try to solve some really hard problem by thinking about it together.”
“Great idea! I feel so good when being and thinking hard together with you, sis. Let’s tackle the quadrature of the circle.”
With that, the siblings united into a heap of hugs and cuddles and kisses. While they thought about the problem that had baffled many generations of the world’s best mathematicians, they filled the clearing with soft sighs and gasps and the sounds of young teenage smooches. After a short while, they suddenly exclaimed, “Eureka! We’ve answered the question at last. No sum of whole number multiples of natural number powers of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is equal to zero. Therefore, the quadrature of the circle with nothing but compass and unmarked ruler can’t be done.”
They kissed passionately at the great mathematical feat they had achieved with so little effort in such a short time. Then, they broke the kiss, ran to the nearest rock, picked up sharp stones from the ground, and carved the proof of their theorem into the rock. The runes in which they wrote were magical and glowed in the dark.

Chapter end notes: Aw, now isn’t that romantic… and ingenious at the same time! How long would you have taken to show that pi is irrational? What greater birthday gift can a sister give her brother or a brother his sister than her or his virginity? Do you think the twins know how to give their virginities to each other? If no, who do you think could tell them?

(Story continues in next chapter...)
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