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by Aaa
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Ivy decides that to better protect the environment, she needs some corrupted Heroes
Once again Pamela Isley cleaned up the mess that once had been her collection of plants. This time it had been destoryed by Batman, seeking to arrest her. She had killed some rich banker helping destroy the Amazon Rainforest, and apparently that was too far. How many times had she built up an impressive collection of rare plants, only to have it ruined? How many times had she attempted to enact justice upon the world, only to be stopped by so called heroes? How was she the villain?!

She sighed, thinking on the various personalities she had known. Supergirl was a cute piece, a young woman curious about the world, Pamela had seen her question the Justice League leadership many times, and many times disobey orders, desperate to prove herself in the eyes of her peers. Wonder Woman was a piece of art in terms of looks, the closest thing to a Greek Goddess many mortals would ever see, but stuck up, a true ice queen, and convinced in her own authority and that of other "heroes."

Batman and Superman were somehow peas in a pod, yet entirely different. Superman relied more on brute force then intelligence, but she always knew he was holding back. Batman was called the World's Greatest Detective for a reason, able to figure out clues and hints many could only dream of. Then there was Harley and The Joker. Harleen Quinzel was an amazing genius behind the clown makeup, a psychiatrist at Arkham until Joker turned her into his plaything. Often Pamela would play the rebound for Harley, consoling her when Joker left her, or even tried to kill her. But eventually Harley would return to that bastard, and eventually get her heart broken again.

And Joker, Joker was something utterly unique. Unpredictable, mad, happy to kill anyone from the top of society to some random homeless guy on the street. Creepy wasn't the word, Joker was a sick twisted man, capable of any number of monstrous acts. Why they never killed him Pamela would never know, though if any man could cheat the Grim Reaper, Joker would be one.


Months later, she had finally had a decent menagerie of plants, and a few assistants to tend to them. She had picked them up at a bar, and went the women heard they would be tending Poison Ivy's Garden, they assumed it was some sexual innuendo. She didn't mind indulging their desires, but she very much expected them to literally take care of her plants. They were no horticulturists, and often made mistakes, but good help was hard to find, so she kept them around.

One girl was messing around with a strange new plant Pamela had discovered. She had found it had mild properties that if properly developed, could lead to a way to control minds. Somewhat like alcohol, except whatever you implanted in them during the trance stuck. She didn't care what happened to the woman unless it led to what she wanted out of the damn thing, and so she ignored her assistant as the fool grabbed a wine glass and filled it with golden sap from the tree.

She assumed the girl would die painfully, but instead her assistant giggled, walking over to Pamela and pressing her breasts against her. Intrigued, she began issuing commands, and a few personality changes. To her shock, when whatever the sap was left the assistants system, everything had stuck. She then spent another few months' fine tuning it, before she was truly ready to test it, and when Harley turned up at her house one day, with nothing but the clothes on her back, and the words "Hiya Red, I'm back again!", Ivy knew who her first true test subject would be.


"Yea, I messed up somethin' in Mister J's plans, so he got really angry and got rid of me again. So, I'm back, I promise it's for real this time!" Harley rambled as Ivy led her through a secret tunnel that led to an isolated neck of woods where Ivy had carefully set up greenhouses. There she grabbed two wine glasses from a small cottage she had also constructed and led Harley to the garden with the tree. Ivy had found that the sap was not only perfectly safe to drink, but she was also immune to its effects. She filled the glasses and handed one to Harley. "Harl, just shut up and drink. It's something I created, named it Ambrosia, why don't you try it?" She said off handedly.

Harley eagerly downed the drink, before zoning out into some kind of trance. Ivy watched patiently as the sap took its effects, and as soon as she was sure it was working, she started influencing Harley's mind. "First off, you're never going back to that jackass clown. You will do everything in your power to avoid the Joker. You'll drop the clown makeup, and that ridiculous outfit, and you will do everything possible to get your career as a psychiatrist back, you will do whatever it takes unless I say otherwise, got it? By the way, you're going to find a love for the colour green. I want you to paint your lips and nails green, no other colours."

Ivy hadn't meant to launch into a tirade, but she was determined to fix Harley's life, and add something she loved to the girl's mind. Watching Harley gave her more ideas however
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