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Sam Adams Invents Time Machine
Sam Adams Invents Time Machine

Sam Adams was an inventor and a scientist working for a secret government-funded project to develop the world’s the first time machine. The firm was owned by a secretive, shadowy organization that was called the Committee that Did Not exist that brought together various right-wing groups including political leaders, corporate leaders, business, military, intelligence, and religious figures who all shared the same conservative religious philosophy and contempt for democracy. They were intent on taking charge and moving things in another direction. They saw the time machine as a splendid vehicle to go back and change the past and, hence, the future. Some wanted to go back and ensure that the south won the war, others want to go back and ensure that Hitler and Japan had won the war and that the US would have become part of the Third Reich after getting rid of jews and other undesirables. Sam Adams was aghast at hearing of these plans to use his machine.

Sam was ready to show off his project to his immediate boss, the mysterious and elusive Maria Lee. She showed up with her immediate boss, the fearsome Mr. Smith.

He barked.

“Okay, let’s fire up this baby. Maria, where do you want to go first?”

“The Jurassic era so we can see dinosaurs and bring one back with us.”

“Okay, you go first.”

And she stepped through the wormhole with her entourage comprising armed mercenaries. They came back a few minutes later with a small dead dinosaur. Everyone proclaimed it a great success.

Maria told Sam,

“Your future is assured as long as you stick with the program.” They left and Sam sat there pondering his future when dinosaurs poured through the open wormhole, killing him and his staff.
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