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Rated: E · Sample · Romance/Love · #2270055
Three girls order pizza, but someone can't stop daydreaming. (300 words)

"I love you…" A brunette in a rich cotton dress named Martha Richmond hissed; her palm's a television. "I love you, I love you…"

As she imagines a daydream, splayed over her palm lines laid a battlefield of her desires. Collin's brother, Anthony Schmidt, inches from a miniature Martha in a vacant classroom.

The windows turned yellow and the door that led out of the classroom dissipated: thin lines on a blank void in its place. Other desks and chairs began to spin, whirling around a seated Anthony and Martha.

As Martha leaned in, towards a deep gaze of Anthony's sharp eyes, something hit her on the head.

Snapping out of her reverie, Martha looked up from her palm and watched her friends staring at her curiously.

"Watching something nice?" Sasha asked, looking concerned.

"Martha, we're about to order. What pizza do you want?" Debby said impassively.

"Vegetarian. So, I heard Collin and his brother were gonna join us for our study session?" Martha asked suspiciously.

"Nope!" Debby yelped, typing something on her phone. The trio was silent for a moment.

"Okay, cool, veggie pizza. I'm not against that." Sasha said. "And don't worry Martha, I did invite Anthony over to help us out."

"For our project," Martha reiterated. Debby rolled her eyes.

The doorbell rang. The girls looked at each other.

"The boys are here already?" Debby asked. "Or is it the pizza?"

"Didn't place the order yet though," Sasha said. "And my parents are busy working."

"It better not be my parents," Debby mumbled, standing up.

"Oh! Maybe Anthony's here early?" Martha exclaimed, jumping up.

"Ugh, sure, you go first." Debby said, sitting. "Just don't get lost in your hands again when you open the door."

"I'm not crazy," Martha scoffed. "I just like my best friend's brother."
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