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Choose between a reactionary vs proactive society. Want to eliminate war, unemployment?
We can achieve both equality as well as unity over time through the use of common rules, common laws on the planet. We inherited our current system of fractal governance from the days of enslavement. We have not progressed very far. To date, we use the same broken model of governance when we ought to unite behind the United Nations, apply the US Constitution towards everyone and adopt a global currency simply called the "UN" or Unity dollar. It would be distributed based on population density.
Common rules leads down the path of equality. Currency differences, the opposite occurs. Ask yourselves are you a slave? Are you going to stand for this injustice?
Look everyone, don't you agree that although we might not be equals when it comes to abilities, we ought to be all equals in the sense that the government ought to be fair, equitable, and stable. Currency differences, breeds inequality based on old prejudices from the slave trade days and ought to be abolished.
The main reason currently for emigration is inequality born from the use of multiple currencies. Should it be that the people of any culture be discriminated against by the currency that we use? Talk about not having their sacrifices and time devalued. Can't you all see that this is enslavement on a global scale?
If we adopt a single currency as well as common laws of governance, war on this planet for the most part could be eliminated and our democracy would flourish.
Next, when any society enacts a cap, debt collection and taxation this augments the negatives of enslavement. Fiscal bondage is no less that physical. Enough, we must forgive the past, set aside our differences and pave the way for democracy to flourish.
When you simply print the money, it is spent from the top in a pyramid down to the masses. This leads to love being shown for those your ruling over. Further, the current global governmental model is flawed and has created a reactionary construct, grinding out our lives for it was born from hate. See if you generate a law of any kind, you ought not twist its intent through the use of additional language for this warps the laws and over time, they become ineffective. Have you ever wondered why a civilization dies out? We're well on our way down the path towards our own demise. Should we continue down this stupid path?
With a single currency, based upon the printing of all the necessary funds required to fund each government at 100 percent efficiency, you thus create a proactive environment. This is actually an extension of love. Look at the media, we saw this conflict between the Ukraine and Russia long ago and kept on tightening the screws of enslavement.
The reason for the US Constitution is simple, it's a beautiful document generated out of love for the people. By conducting yourselves in this manor we can fund all the major infrastructure projects on the entire globe, show respect to your neighbors, unit the planet and eliminate the needs of having a war in order to kick start the economies.
Now, carbon based fuels will cause our extinction. Have you ever wondered why deserts form?
Life on the planet is a gift, we must treat it and each other with respect. The above would breed trust. The cream would still rise to the top over time. Our trust is the lives of all peoples on the planet, our governmental intuitions are sacred simply because they care for life and our lives although their a gift.
It's time to decide before it's too late.
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