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How Sam Adams Became a Time Bandit for Daily Flash

How Sam Adams Became a Time Bandit

Sam Adams worked for the Time Lords, the secret masters of time whose job was to police the timeline to prevent unauthorized time travellers from going back in time and changing the past and thus the future. His boss, the mysterious Maria Lee, was a shape shifter reptilian from the planet Sirius. She was abrupt and aloof and did not like anyone asking too many questions. She gave you the assignment, answering only process related questions, but refused to explain why the assignment was given.

One day she told him to report to the central wardrobe office to be fitted out in a 19th century gun slingers uniform. His mission was to go back in time and assassinate in public the notorious 19th century criminal Wild Bill Hitchcock. He had to learn how to play poker and join him in a game in a bar in Deadwood on a specific date. He was to play a game and when he won accuse him of cheating and shoot him dead, and return to the present without being arrested.

She stressed that he must kill him on the spot and must make sure he killed the right person. She warned him as usual that his future with the agency rested on him not screwing it up.

He went back to the 19th century and started hanging out with Wild Bill Hitchcock, whom he soon bonded with and decided that he would not kill him after all. On the appointed day, he was playing cards with six people, including Wild Bill. A man stood up and accused Sam Adams of cheating and attempted to shoot Sam Adams but missed and shot and killed Wild Bill Hitchcock and then Sam found himself back at Headquarters.. He was fired and became a time criminal.

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