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There are Many Twists in Life for Writers Penn
There are Many Twists in Life

Sam Adams, aka “Big Daddy” was an undercover operative for the CIA doing contract work for them, specializing in “wet work”. He operated out of the Cosmos bar in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand. He was called “Big Daddy” because he was an ex-football linebacker, 6 feet 6 inches of pure muscle, played for the University of Arkansas, later the Dallas Cowboys. He had joined the Agency but was forced out due to his involvement with some unsanctioned rogue assassinations in the U.S. But the agency kept him on as a contract hitman. He was also involved in drug smuggling and various con games. Kuhn Lek was his business partner along with her uncle a notorious drug kingpin. Many people around the world wanted to kill him for revenge, as he had taken out lots of high-level people.

One day, a mysterious drop-dead gorgeous Korean woman came to the bar, asking for Sam Adams by his nickname, “Big Daddy”. He came over, and she said that she was Maria Lee, a Korean-American woman on the lam from her ex-husband, one of the Samsung heirs, and needed Big Daddy’s help in laundering 50 million dollars she had stolen from him. He promised to pass on the message to Big Daddy but asked her if she could pay the fee.

She said,

“Depends on the fee.”

“A night with me making wild passionate love.’

“Deal, but you will be sorry to have met me,” she said and went to his room. In the morning, she smiled and said,

“I know who you are. You could not fool me. You are big Daddy.”

He said,

“Yeah, so what?”

She pulled out a gun, said,

”That’s what, Big Daddyo. My ex-husband sent me to kill you because you stole 50 million dollars from him. Relax, this is strictly business, nothing personal. I enjoyed last night, but I did warn you that you would be sorry to have met me.”

“Wait. Before you shoot me, let’s make a deal. I will launder the stolen money for you, and give you 25 percent of it. Then we will tell your ex-husband that you killed me. Lure him to come to Bangkok, saying that you will give him the money. When he gets here, I will arrange for someone to kill him in a traffic accident. That way you get the money and get rid of your ex-husband, and we can be together.”

“Okay. But I get to keep 40 percent of the money. What about Kuhn Lek?”

“What about her?’

“Aren’t you married?”

“Not really. I told her about you and she is fine if we get together. She is more of a business partner anyway. And we could do a threesome, she would be up for that.”

“Okay, the threesome sounds like fun, but she must know that I am now your wife, she would be our girlfriend, not your wife, but she would still be part of our business partnership. After we kill my ex, and we get together, I will be your wife, and partner in all of your various scams from now on. You will teach me how to be a con artist and share in the proceeds of our criminal enterprises. And we will expand our operations to include Korea and the Korean diaspora in the US as well as your operations in Thailand and the U.S.”

“Sounds like a deal. Put down the gun.”

She smiled, put down the gun,

And that was the beginning of the affair.
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