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Rated: E · Fiction · Horror/Scary · #2270083
A short horror story based off a dream I had.
Hello and welcome to a short horror story that was based off a dream I had, I hope you all enjoy and get the shivers like I did!

I sighed and relaxed letting my muscles turn into a complete blob of mush. The girl's laughter surrounded me, making me forget all about the day's events. My sister and I sat in the living room to our first-floor glasshouse, we had several floors to this house.

All our girl friends sat around on cushions, just talking and joking like any normal day. Our friends were over for a girl's night, and needed some friendly laughter and smiles to melt our troubles away, especially on a long holiday vacation off from school.

Even though it seemed as if it was a normal day, as we all sat in the big room, the fireplace roaring wildly, I felt a cold chill creep and soar over my body. Making me shudder violently, to make matters worse, I look over to my left out the big windows, that sat bare, the shades drawn up and the sun had just begun to set, casting a very eery dull yellow, spiked red, and orange over the trees.

The air hot and sticky, creating a fog-like substance to settle over the long dirt road we have for a driveway. I look away briefly, and something in my chest seizes as a voice tells me to look back. I do and instantly regret it.

I gasp and exclaim, "There are shadowy people in the driveway." to which there was. One smaller than the other, but both shadowy people stood well over six feet. They just stood far in the distance, not moving and not even floating. But their outlines stood well, not a human body, like phantom-like creatures

"What?" A sudden hush fell over everyone as I turned to them, as everyone was giggling and talking over one another, but my statement seemed to hit a few and made them all fall silent, staring at me with confusion written well on their faces.

I pointed down the driveway, "Down there." But to my disappointment, the shadowy people were gone and my friends along with my sister and her friends all looked at me like I had just said the funniest joke in the world.

My sister elbows me in the side, "Ha-Ha. Very funny." I smile halfway and try not to let my building worry show.

I swore I saw shadowy people. But my eyes could be playing tricks on me, and I tried not to let it bother me for the rest of the night.

As the sun fully set, all the shades were still up, I normally am on that, but tonight I felt lazy and safe with my friends all with me, the eery feeling I felt from earlier, however, has not set. In fact, it has gotten worse.

My eyes kept on darting all around the living room, and the house staring at all the windows, I just couldn't understand why I felt so scared. But I decided I needed to shake the uneasiness I was feeling, and take out my pipe, stuffing it full and smoking half before putting it down.

My eyes are a little heavier than usual, but not too heavy to stay awake, I smile and I bob my head to imaginary music. I am now completely relaxed and no longer paranoid.

By that time, it had been about four hours since I had seen the shadowy people, and I decided on a few brandys wouldn't be so bad. A couple of drinks would for sure take care of the rest of my uneasiness for the rest of the night.

As I sat back down after making my drink, I just took a small sip and looked to my left, and stared outside, when something caught my attention. Something felt off, and I was right to think so as my eyes flit from the right to left, and from maybe twenty feet or so, I found two circular eyes, not regular eyes though. Binocular eyes.

Binoculars that were attached to hands. Hands that was attached to a live person. And a four-wheeler right beside him. He was standing in our driveway, just blatantly staring unbashful into our windows, without a care in the world.

A live person. Binoculars. Man. Four-wheeler. Standing in our driveway. All those words ran through my head and before I screamed, I tried not to look alarmed. I loosened the features in my face before it could give anything away, and continued to pretend to look into the distance sadly.

"Guys." I tried to interject, but all the girls just chatted over one another, still giggling completely oblivious to the danger that stood thirty feet away from the window.

Without looking away from the man with the binoculars, and without looking like how I felt. About to scream and cry. I picked up the nearest object, which turned out to be my drink. and flung it not high enough to see over the window sill, but enough to splash some girls.

As they were about to start complaining after a few started squealing, I smacked the nearest girl's leg, "There is a man. Watching us with binoculars!" I exclaimed quietly.

My eyes never left the man. And eerily his eyes never left us, still standing still, watching us through the binoculars. A few girls shrank, and a few other girls scooted closer to the window to get a closer look. When they did see him, however. A few gasped, others fell to the ground.

"What do we do?" Some yelled, and some already started to panic and their thumbs went wild over their phones, no doubt contacting parents/loved ones to let them know or some get them.

I stood up and shakily turned around, "I'm going to try to get to the shed. It has some tools in it we can use better than just kitchen knives." A few girls were going to interject, looking around outside wildly before I shook my head cutting off their mouths swinging wide open, and they all closed their mouths, I could see their faces however, they all wanted to say a shit ton more, worry and terror on everyone's faces.

I told everyone to go to each floor, disperse into three groups for each floor, and each person calls the other groups up on facetime and stay in constant contact, lock the windows, and close all blinds in the house. After that, I told everyone to be on the fifth floor and wait for me to return.

I sighed and knew I needed to be fast. I took the kitchen flashlight off the counter and ran not thinking about it. I went to the basement in the back of the house and opened the hallways door, I huffed, and gripped my flashlight tight.

I hitched a breath. One sharp breath before throwing the back door open and bounding out in the hallway, in the pitch darkness I ran down the creaky basement steps. The floors seemed endless, as I skittered as quietly as possible down the steps. Not using my flashlight yet, but not knowing if he had other people with him, I stay quiet. I didn't want him or anyone else to know where I am or hear a tiny little breath escape me.

I make it to the bottom of the long and endless staircase, and hesitated, before bounding outside in the cold outside air. I run around the house and notice a lot of the windows had already been covered, and the lights off for most of the house. I smiled, these girls were smart, I forgot to tell them to shut the lights off, but they did anyway. I nod my head, knowing they would be okay until I could make it back inside safely.

I refocused in front of me and noticed I hadn't slowed down enough to grab shoes or at least flip-flops. But I guess this way was better, barefoot you don't hear as much as loud shoes, and thankfully my backyard and the front yard were all grass, so no dirt unless you walked on the driveway.

No dogs either, just a couple of indoor cats, so we don't have to worry about stepping in dog poop, we always wander the yards barefoot, I silently thanked whatever luck I had so far, that we didn't have any dogs.

I ran down the dip of the hill where the basement door is and farther all the way to the shed, noticing I hadn't seen the man or heard the four-wheeler. Since I started my trek, I hadn't seen him or heard the vehicle being started up. I wondered where he was, and hoped he wouldn't find me the entire time I was outside.

I threw open the shed door and grabbed a bunch of basic tools I could find, a few being a hammer, a couple of screwdrivers, and a couple of small saws, that would be basically weightless enough to carry. I turned around and shut the door, and ran without a second's hesitation.

I ran back towards the direction of the house, and had just glanced up and noticed, all lights were off, and white blinds hung boldly in all the windows of the house. Hope and warmth bloomed in my chest, I became hopeful then and there, my girls did exactly as I had instructed.

'They're all safe.' I thought and sighed with relief.

I ran, and swooped under the porch, my blood running instantly cold when I heard the man's laughter. Taunting me. Calling my name. How he knew my name. I had no idea, but I tried to ignore the dread washing over my body.

I cleared my throat and catapulted myself further towards the back door, and heard the man's four-wheeler, roaring to life. My heart hammering in my chest, I run for my life, tingles erupted all over my body, further urging me to run even faster. The four-wheeler, becoming louder, as I reached the back door.

I ran inside, and saw the headlights to the four-wheeler up high in the sky, 'he's coming!' I shout inside my head, and a zing goes through my body.

The headlights indicated he was going up one of the backyard hills leading to the backdoor. So I reach and grab the door, and thankfully there is no window to our backdoor. It was just solid white. I shut the door, but for some reason, the door swung forwards past the doorframe and swung almost all the way out. My mouth swung wide open, and my eyes wide as saucers, I look around wildly. It's never done that before.

In shock, I pull the door back towards me, and then tried to lock it, but pulling it forwards too much, and opening the door once again, all the while the four-wheeler became louder and louder until I could hear the man's laughter over the four-wheelers roar, I whimpered and desperately tried to close the door again and to my complete terror, it swung back open, this time revealing some of the headlights coming over the hill.

I screech and pull the door back towards me and back out to lock it again, and I cry out, frustration and desperation when it again goes past the doorframe and swings freely out in the open. He must have done something to it. It has never done this before.

By now, I could hear the four-wheeler spinning into the dip, where the porch is, and by the porch, you can go underneath it to reach the backdoor to the staircase by the basement door.

The same door I'm wrestling with. My heart is pounding, but harder and more prominent as it thuds hard in my chest, my ribs hurt from the action, and with a cry, I just latch it with the hook, onto the wall. Knowing the door swings open just a little before the latch holds a little.

I hear the mans laughter, even more, calling my name as I breathe deeply, and look around wildly for a split second, dread in my stomach as I take one glance back at the door and then I turn around and fly up the small hallway and small stairs. Trying my hardest to reach the fifth floor where I had instructed everyone to go.

I start with the first set of stairs, they were about eight on each floor, and by the time I got to the second staircase. I could hear the mans laughter finally following me into the hallway, echoing so hauntingly. I let out a small cry, and I scramble myself faster up the stairs, my feet slipping and stumbling over one another. My terror now making me clumsy. The more scared I got, the more I messed up.

I ignored every door until I got to the fifth floor and took a millisecond to stare at the door, before daring to look back with a glance down the fourth set of stairs, I gasped out seeing the man not far from me, turning the corner and starting up the stairs for me. He startled me as I was about to turn around the reach for the door, I flinched making my vision go haywire for a minute, and in doing so, I had missed the doorknob for a split second.

By the second attempt, I reached my arm out and got ahold the doorknob, I was just about to walk in and turn around and close the door but before I knew it, a dark shape darted past the sides of my eyes and I let out a loud cry as I feel a body slam on the door, and then hit impact with my, throwing us both to the floor with the man on top of me.

I land on the floor, on my back and I scream as see dark shapes and shadowy figures standing above us, the man breathing heavily, and the shapes move past us into the house, I pull on my arms, but the man is relentless as he stays there. I lift myself up a little and open my mouth to take a deep breath.

"Hide girls! They're insi-" I tried to shout, but I got hit on the side of the head with a heavy object. My head lolls to the side and I cry, letting sobs come out of my mouth, my body falling slack, and through my cloudy vision, I saw the dark shapes fully leave the hallway and I crane my neck in time to see one go around the house, searching for what I could only assume was the girls, who were hopefully hiding.

I felt hands on my arms and I was yanked up, and I was just able to hear a scream before everything went dark....

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