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The Goddess of Springtime Returns for Weekly challenge

The goddess of springtime
Comes out every year
To usher in the season.

She battles with the demons
That control winter
Eventually she wins the battle.

And ushers in the springtime
Filled with love, peace and wisdom
Her beauty spreads across the lands.

Humans have been worshiping
The goddess of spring
Since the beginning of time.

The goddess of spring
Retires in early June
As the summer goddess
takes over .

Bringing with her
The heat,
the humidity

Turning the world
Into a hot
humid sauna.

As people try to escape
The heat she inspires.

Then in the autumn
The autumn gods come out
Chilling down the world.

Preparing the world
For the coming of the winter
When the winter demons
Unleash the deep freeze.

That is the way
The gods of the season
Rule the world.
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