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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2270246
A young woman waits patiently for her turn to have her head chopped off
WARNING! This story is much darker than any I have posted before & features gory details. Reader's discretion is advised.

How could I be so stupid? I stood by his side & helped him behead all of those other girls. I was always there for him. I thought he loved me. I was different from those other girls to him. I see now that he always planned to chop me too. He just wanted to save me until last...I suppose in his own sadistic way he did see me as special. I just wish it didn't have to end like this.

He already has me tied up. All I can do is wait for him to come back. All of those pretty heads are on the table next to me, perfectly displayed. I did their hair & makeup for him so they would look beautiful. Will my head be joining this display, or does he have somewhere else in mind? If I had to choose I would like to be displayed separately. I would be like his favourite trophy...Did he ever really love me? He wouldn't want to kill me if he did, right? Am I not thinking about this the right way? He always treated me well. The sex was amazing. Once he got his rush from chopping another girl's head off he would come straight to me. He was like a wild beast when he was in that state. It was incredible.

I can't say I didn't enjoy beheading those girls too. It was exciting to watch & they were all willing subjects too. When he first told me that he wanted to start collecting heads I was a bit shocked, but once he showed me his tools I found myself getting really excited, especially when I saw his guillotine for the first time. It's a killing machine, but there's a sort of elegance to the way it was built. The wood, the varnish, the light glistening off of the blade's surface. The way it slices through the victim's neck with precision. The same cut every time. Even the way the head falls into the basket as the body remains strapped in.

I loved watching it happen again & again, imagining what they must be feeling. I know that if done properly their heads remain conscious for a short period. I could see it in their eyes. The way their lips would quiver as if they were still trying to speak. He let me kiss a few of them and I could feel them kiss me back. They knew that their heads had just been chopped off...I guess I will find out what that is like soon enough...Will it hurt? It's over so fast that it's hard to tell.

There he is. He's ready for me. I'm shaking. My adrenaline is out of control. Everything in my body is telling me to run, but I can't. A part of me wants it. I didn't think he would ever choose to do it to me, but now that he has I don't want to deny him. I wonder how he'll do it? The guillotine is great but a little impersonal unless he plans to fuck me while he does it. Even then I would be facing away from him. A knife is very personal for him, but I was never a fan. It was so messy & the victim would be dead before he even finished. The way he would fuck me raw once he was done was indescribable though. Oh! A chopping block. He's going to use an axe on me. I really am his favourite! He always saves the axe for his favourites. As long as he gets it right, this could be the best one for me too. He knows that. Is that why he picked it? Maybe he does love me after all.

He wants me to kneel next to the block. I'm scared. I can't stop shaking. I can feel the sweat dripping down my forehead. He's sweeping my hair out of the way of my neck. His touch is so soft. It feels ressuring. I'm about to die, but for him I would do anything. I will be his prized trophy. I love him.

It's almost time. My neck is over the block. God, I hope he gets it right. I want to know what they felt. I'm ready for him.


Arrhh!!! Ugghh! What? I'm-I'm falling. He did it! My head...He chopped it off! Everything is moving so slow. I can see the ground coming! My neck is burning! I can feel Everything they felt! Oof! I'm spinning! When did I hit the floor? It didn't hurt. He must have put a cushion down for me. My neck is still burning. Ahhh. I've finally stopped...My body feels numb. I-I don't have a body anymore. I'm just a head! Is that my body over there? It's sitting up straight. How did it do that? It's pretty rare, they normally slump to the side...My tits look amazing! I will never feel them again. I will never feel anything again! I'm dead!! Oh god! Oh god!! How long can I hold on for? I can't die yet!

Huh? A foot? It's him! He came for my head! Whoa!! He's lifting me up. I feel so light! It's effortless to him. There he is. He knows I'm still here. He's smiling. Am I smiling? I feel like I am. He's turning me. Wait! I want to see you again! Huh? Is that a mirror. Is he showing me my own head? Wow! That's me. My head really has been chopped off. I have no body. My neck is bleeding pretty badly. I hope I can hold on. He's turning me back. Kiss me. Please kiss me. Mmmmm yes. His lips will be the last thing I feel. I hope he uses me well. I'm glad to have served him. I love him. I'm... geeetting...Weeeaaakeer...I...I can't...
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