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“Oh, It is Real. And I Know Where it Is“ for Daily Flash
Sam Adams ran the Cosmos Detective PI firm in Berkeley, California in downtown Berkeley. Much of the work was routine, industrial espionage, spying on one’s partner, and political dirty tricks.

That morning, a tall Asian women in her 30’s and a real looker, walked into the office.

Sam looked at her and said,

“Good morning and welcome to Sam Adam’s PI service. What can I do for you?”

“I represent an family foundation and we are looking for a book. A book that has been rumored to have surfaced in Berkeley and we need you to obtain it for us.”

“Okay, so where is the book and how do you anticipate we will get it back for you?”

“Tell me, Sam, what is your favorite book?”

“hmm, Lovecraft’s the Mountains of Madness?”

‘Good. Then you know we are after a book, the famous “necromicron”.

“I am afraid I can’t help you. That is a fictional book.”

She smiled, and said

“oh it is real. And I know where it is.”

“Oh, where is it?”

“Here. In this old mansion in a safe. The owner died and left the property to my foundation. In the safe is the book. I need you to hire a safe cracker, open the safe and return the book to me. “

“hmm, sounds a bit illegal.”

“The owner of the mansion was my father. He died and left everything to me.”
What will you do once you have the book?

"Summon the Lord Cthulhu."

Sam laughed, quoted five times his normal fee. She paid him in cash and told him to call the safe cracker.

Prompt for 3/30
Write a story that includes the line: “What is your favorite book?”
Have fun!
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