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Everything must come to an end eventually...
The time has come.
Dust from the cosmos settles,
Sinking to the planet below.
Bits of stars float down onto my fingers,
Twinkling as I take my final breaths.

Is it terrifying?
Suns twist and dance in my hair,
Solar winds against my cheek.
The universe; a home, a friend, a dark room to rest.
A chill settled over me.

I don’t think so, it’s the way it is. Y’know?
I pondered the mysteries of life, wondering,
How? When? Why? What?
Would I ever get to travel amongst the stars?
Seeing every treasure that they hold,
Hidden by distance.

I want to see the other side.
All the spaces between galaxies,
All the black between planets
Cloaked me, choked me.

Is there an other side?
Inhale. Exhale.
As I let go, I float away into the darkness I had called home for years.
The drip has finally stopped.
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