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When sailors crash, who's there to save them?
Fresh, salty smells from the sea arose,
Into the air, right into her nose.
The wind whipped her hair, her limbs all froze.
For she saw something terrible a-sea,
She whispered, “Oh my, oh deary, oh me.”
One hand over mouth, one out to reach.

Her grassy green eyes focused ahead,
Her stomach twisting with a heavy kind of dread,
Wishing all the sailors not to be dead.
Her knees knocked.
Her head was locked.
No matter how she tried, her body was shocked.

She knew not what to do as the flames grew.
There were sailors in the water. How many? How few?

She dreamed of the sea all her life
But as help was needed, her head filled with strife.
She teetered on the edge of this knife.
Her fists clenched with pride
And there she would decide
No sailors on this night would die.

Off into the water she dove
Searching for unusual treasures in this trove,
The glittering gold of fears she drove
Away into the early night.
No longer was this girl a-fright.
She followed the ships’ blazing light.

The girl helped and aided.
The sailors needed little to be persuaded
As their limbs dropped and their energy degraded.
A piece of driftwood here, floating rubble there,
A place for each body was hard to fare.
But that did not stop her, her brain a-flare.
Creaking in her noggin, her mind went thunk.
The gears in her head could be heard with a clunk.
While glancing over the wreck, she spied a trunk.

As the flames began dwindling,
The wood no longer served as kindling,
The trunk the woman thought about swindling.
She swiped it up, her future was secured;
To not another soul did she utter any word
For she would not confess to the crime that occurred.

Inside the trunk was sparkling gems,
And for them she sang her hymns
Of wonderful joy as she decided to be
A plundering pirate with an adventure at sea.

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