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by Nessie
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The basic ways to lead a good moral life.

A good life

Life is hard, life to endure.

Keep yourself right: the world is not pure.

Always keep strong, don't let out a tear.

Conquer the evil and conquer your fear.

Protection of weak and care for the bullied.

Keep yourself clean, keep from the sullied.

Follow the rules but follow those just.

Be modest and simple, turn from the last.

Look after the orphans, but children so small.

Go to the injured: the men that do fall.

Speak against wrong and the ones that do harm.

Influence for good and keep away bad.

Visit the prisoners and comfort the sad.

Make people feel better in their hearts and their soul.

Help the poor sufferers and those that do toil.

But importantly first, love God with your heart,

for this world and his people one day you will part.

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