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Are you ready to explore this life of a fictional gay love..?
I lost my parents due to a car accident I moved in with my best friend and his mom at the age of 7. I'm now currently 17 sitting on my windowsill looking out of it...I get startled by Taesung when he walks in. "I'm going to school you better hurry up," said Taesung. I shook my head ok and got ready by the time I was done he had gone to school I was hoping for the best this year just to find out I and Taesung are in the same class. My bullies sat next to me as Taesung and his friends sat by the door in the last row class started and by the blink of an eye English class was already over. I was about to leave when my bullies stopped me and asked for money I gave them a 100 dollar bill so they'd leave me alone. When they left to spend it at an Internet cafe I left to go to my job by the time I got to the flower store it was already 8:35 I was 5 minutes late for work. But I just spent an extra 5 minutes prepping a few flowers for display when I got off work it was 5 am I headed home and saw Taesung he was sitting outside on the porch. He seemed worried when he saw me and he ran to me and hugged me "Where have you been? Are you hurt? Are you okay? What happen," Taesung said. I told him I was at work and that I actually stayed longer than I was supposed to.
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