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This is a poem about striving to be good.
Darkness and light in an eternal war with no compromise
Temptations of evil grow stronger as more time flies
When a person follows a path of the light, the ability to defeat those dark temptations will arise
The true power of light is so vast, it's beyond any measurement of size

Don't be a dark, sinister, and hated person that everyone will despise
To fight the light is unwise
Or you will be the one who is alone and silently cries
Treated like a sickness society decided to incise
The one with whom no one will ever fraternize
People want the real you, not the darkness in disguise

The dark is nothing but a fake guise
Inspired by deception, evil deeds, and lies
That can be destroyed by the light of pure hope in one's eyes
The pure power of a good soul is something many don't realize
True darkness can be defeated by a person's good actions, before it brings their demise

Don't give into the temptations that many dark influencers fantasize
Follow the light to harmonize
The inner war between the dark and light temptations that can jeopardize
Everyone else's LIVES
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