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A love story between a bully, Sammy, and a regular guy named Toby.
This is a world where all newborn girls are Futa’s. Sammy is the bully and Toby is just a regular kid. Toby was a very shy kid when he was little. He would always cover his eyes because he thought they looked ugly, but now he puts his hair up.

Sammy: *Pushes Toby on the ground*

Sammy: Me? Beautiful? You? Like me?! Don’t make me laugh you little squirt. Say that again and I’ll kill you!!

Toby: S-sorry Sam…..

Sammy: Don’t call me Sam!

Toby: O-Ok Sammy….

Sammy: Let’s go guys. Trashy beings like him aren’t worth talking to.

Toby: (Maybe it’s because I’m too short and weak! That’s it! That must be why!!! I’m gonna become a handsome and respectable man for her!!!)

[Timeskip 8 years later. Toby is 18 and Sammy is 17. Sammy moved to another city. Toby gets a massive glow-up.Toby kinda gave up on his dream and just works out as a personal hobby, until one day, Sammy comes back and goes to the same high school as him.]

Toby: *Goes to locker*

Girls: *Whispering* He’s kinda hot….

Toby: You girls say something?

Girls: Oh n-no!!! Sorry!

Toby: Ok…???

Toby: *Continues*


Boys: It’s the new girl, she is so hot. Damn…

Girls: She’s so pretty yet so mean to guys…

Toby: (New girl? Well she sounds awfully mean. Reminds me of someone I used to know…)

Sammy: *Sees Toby* (She doesn’t know it’s him)

Sammy: Hey.

Toby: *Ignores*

Sammy: Hey! Listen to me while I’m talking to you! *Goes for a punch*

Toby: (God damnit) *Grabs her punch*

Toby: *Turns around*

Sammy: *Blushes*

Toby: What now? You’re not very nice are you-

Toby: Wait hold on a minute. *Goes really close to her face*

Sammy: (He’s my type!!!!)

Toby: Aha! You’re Sammy!

Sammy: (Huh?) How do you know my name?!

Toby: You don’t even remember the person you bullied the most?

Sammy: (Wait… there’s no way…)

Toby: It’s me! Toby!

Sammy: W-W-WHAT??!!!!! *Falls*

Toby: *Quickly carries her bridal style* Woah there.

Sammy: (/////////)

Toby: Man. You’ve gotten even more beautiful than before!

Sammy: (What is he saying~~~!!!!)

Toby: I haven’t given up ya know.

Sammy: G-Given up on w-what?!

Toby: *Whispering* Loving you~

Sammy: *Pink faced, squealing* (HOW DID HE GET SOOO HOT???!!!!)

Sammy: *Passes out*

Toby: Oh. She passed out.

[Bell rings]

Toby: Guess I’ll carry her.

Toby: *Carries her to the parking lot and find Sammy’s mom*

Toby: Miss! It’s been a long time!

Sammy’s mom: Umm…. Who are you?!!!

Toby: It’s me! Toby!!!

Sammy’s mom: T-Toby?!! Wow!!! You really grew!!!

Toby: It’s nothing!! More importantly, there’s a problem…

Sammy’s mom: *Sees Sammy*

Sammy: *Smiling while blushing*

Sammy’s mom: (I see….) I think she needs to rest. Let’s taker her home.

Toby: Alright.

[They then drive to Sammy’s house. Toby puts her in bed and sits by her.]

Sammy: Ugh…. What happened?

Sammy: *Sees Toby*

Toby: You’re finally awake!

Sammy: AAAAAH!!!!!!!

Toby: Woah there! You okay?!

Sammy: I-I’m fine…

Sammy: Why did you help me here?!

Toby: Well, you passed out right in front of me, how could I not?

Sammy: No, but why?

Toby: Well…. *Blushing* It’s because I like you…

Sammy: *Blushing* (I CANT STAND HIM!!!!!!)

Sammy: Even after all I did to you back then… you still love me?!

Toby: Of course!

Sammy: (I’m such a bad person!!!)

Sammy: I-you look really good now… *Blushing*

Toby: Well I did work out a lot. See? *Lifts his shirt up and reveals abs*

Sammy: *Blushing really hard*

Sammy: Ok ok!!!!

Toby: *Puts shirt down*

Sammy: Hey…. I just wanna say… I’m sorry for back then.

Toby: Don’t apologize!!! It’s alright-

Sammy: It’s not alright!

Toby: …..

Sammy: *Starts crying* I was so, so mean to you, ya know? I just hated guys so much, because my dad left me…

Toby: W-why would he do that?

Sammy: (I need to tell him at this point..) Because of this…

Sammy: *Pulls skirt up*

Toby: Your penis?

Sammy: He couldn’t stand the fact that all women have penis’s now, so he went to find ones without. My mom also has one, that’s why he left her too…

Sammy: You probably prefer a regular girl, don’t you?! *Crying more*

Toby: Don’t say stuff like that!!

Sammy: *Shocked*

Toby: That changes nothing! You’re still the same Sammy I knew back then! In fact… I…

Sammy: You?

Toby: *Blushing* I prefer you with one!!

Sammy: *Blushing very, very hard*

Sammy: (He’s perfect! The man of my dreams!!)

Sammy: Oh! I can’t stand it anymore! *Jumps onto him and hugs him*

Sammy: I love you!!! Please be my boyfriend!!!!

Toby: *Really happy* Of course!!!! *Hugs her back*

Sammy: *Huge melons pressing onto his chest*

Toby: U-umm…

Sammy: Hm?

Toby: Y-your breasts are…

Sammy: Oh~?

Toby: *Blushing*

Sammy: About what you said earlier~… you said you preferred me with a penis, right~?

Toby: Y-yeah.. *Blushing*

Sammy: Well then~~~…

Sammy: *Takes clothes off*


Sammy: *Lies down naked*

Sammy: I want you to make love to me~…

Sammy: (God I sound like an idiot!!!)

Toby: *Gets an erection*

Sammy: *Notices* (It worked??!!!)

Toby: S-sorry… you were just so hot, I couldn’t control it…

Sammy: (Alright, here goes nothing) If you say stuff like that….

Toby: What?

Sammy: it’s gonna make me feel so good~~~!!!

Toby: *Gets a bigger erection*

Sammy: (No way…. It worked again??!!)

Toby: I’m so sorry!!!!

Sammy: I-It’s fine!!! More importantly… that thing is HUUGE!!!!

Toby: Well it’s started to get really big in junior high, so…

Sammy: Enough talk!

Sammy: *Pulls Toby*

Toby: Aren’t we taking this too far?!!

Sammy: P-please~~???

Toby: Are you really sure?!

Sammy: Y-yeah~~…. You’re the one and only man I’ve been looking for my entire life. I love you…. So… I want our relationship to be taken to the next level…. Sorry if this is so sudden, I just couldn’t stand it…

Toby: *Sighs* It’s alright… *Hugs her*

Toby: Well then… *Takes off clothes*

Sammy: *Blushing while looking at his body*

Toby: I’m gonna start of slow. Since this is your first time.

Sammy: O-ok… I’m really, really sensitive so…

Toby: *Kisses her with tongue*

Sammy: *Kisses back*

Sammy: Mmmmmhhhaaaahhh~~~~~~……

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