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Contest entry succeed/exceed/failure
succeed / exceed / failure Contest

In deep retrospection, I pause to think,
Life has flown by at the speed of a blink
I question myself about meaning and purpose,
Does my presence hold value, or is it just worthless?

What is failure and what is success?
What has more value, and what has less?
Dreams and aspirations disappear into the void,
Trusting and naive, now guarded ... paranoid.

What does it mean to really exceed?
Is there a difference between flower and weed?
So many questions swirling around in my head,
So many scars, now healed once bled.

Success is about courage and tenacity,
Of remaining grounded, not wanting to flee.
Success is moving forward one step at a time,
About embracing the moment, not just the sublime.

It's not about money, or power and glory,
It goes deeper than that, it’s your personal story.

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