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Denial and acceptance
When I say "I miss you" I don't really mean it
Allow me to explain myself

When you left, a piece of me was removed
It became an object, an object I can displace.
I can look at this object and the words will appear as a script I miss you
It's not a feeling but a thing to say

Until it's not.

Until you share a photo of your sunrise that we can only share displaced by hours and technology

Until I see you experience love or joy in a picture on my phone

Until I'm in my vehicle wishing my destination was you

Until I see the pictures where you were within my arms reach

Until I think of the pain and worry you'll hide behind your smile that I'm not there to see
To hug away, or cry away, or talk away

Until I'm absorbing emotions of the past wishing I could be doing that right now.

All of these 'untils' and wishes carry this object back to me.
I miss you hurts.
It makes me sad.
It creates a sorrowful longing as my heart stretches to where you are.

I'm whole, just in a different way.
It's real,
I mean it,
I miss you.

I'll hold this 'I miss you' as a feeling in homage to you my dear friend,

I miss you.
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