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Winter is gone; Spring has arrived;
Sure feels good to be alive. Flowers
are blooming all around, flowers are
blooming all over town.

Birds are singing their sweetest song;
Let's all join in and sing along. The
butterflies are out, there is no doubt;
This is what spring is all about.

Spectacular scenes come into view
like a breath of fresh air. Feeling
refreshed and renewed, all my bad
memories were tossed away, nothing
but good ones have come my way.

Now the stallions are with their mares;
the colts and the fillies make beautiful
pairs. Giving them the ability to grow,
their manes are flowing with the wind.
They may move fast or they may move
slow, but there's one thing that I should
know, they'll be with me wherever I go.

I welcome the spring. I feel that I'm
gifted, because my mood is uplifted.
The blue skies are very pretty; the white
clouds are fluffy, there's no time to be

Happiness will come to me thrice, it's
now time for me to be nice; it's not
that I'm unhappy; it's the wintertime
that makes me snappy.

It would be great to have my dad and
my momma too; I'm sure that in
heaven they're as happy as ever. No
doubts or unhappiness will ever be;
no more anguishing thoughts to bear.
Fears won't haunt us, no tears are
cried. Given my best shot here on
earth, soon there will be a new heaven
and earth. What a time to rejoice and
be eternally blessed.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, March 26, 2022

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